How do I get an Ostrich in my farm?

How do I get these in my farm?

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With some not-so-free-range ranching!

I recommend one of two approaches:

Option One:

  1. Notice that ostriches run away from hearthlings
  2. Move your Footmen, Archers, Knights and Clerics around, corralling ostriches into a corner
  3. Fence them in
  4. Snag some Large Eggs at your convenience

Turns out ostriches can open gates (clever girl), which I learned after this one escaped. I recommend a gate-free fence, or digging down by two blocks, and only removing a fence section or adding a ladder when it’s time for omelettes.

Option Two:

  1. Have a walled town with one bridge entrance
  2. An uninvited ostrich may randomly wander down the bridge
  3. Try to chase it back out
  4. Fail

Best of luck with your ranch!