Ore Deposits MiniMod

Hello all,

I’m kinda backish from being away. I may or may not update any of my other mods but allow me to introduce my new miniMod: Ore Deposits

The Ore Deposits mod adds in surface ore deposits which can be mined like boulders, only they drop ore instead of stone. NOTE: CURRENTLY THEY DO NOT SPAWN IN A REGULAR GAME! That is because this mod’s main purpose(At the moment) is to provide easy access of ores to modders who want to test their mods in the microworld.

You can add ore deposits to the microworld by adding this code to the micro world you want to use:

   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:coal_depo',  10, -20)
   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:copper_depo',  15, -20)
   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:gold_depo',  20, -20)
   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:iron_depo',  25, -20)
   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:silver_depo',  30, -20)
   microworld:place_entity('ore_depo:tin_depo',  35, -20)

Or download this micro world here, and place it in your microworld/worlds folder.

Click here to download the mod.
Click here to view it on Git Hub.

Special thanks to @Valiance for getting me back into StoneHearth and to @BloodW0lf for introducing me to microworlds =]


I love it very much so! :sunny:


I’d love to have this in a normal world if the amount of random ore from stone was toned down a bit. Cool!