Mod about prospecting and metallurgy?

This idea has just flow through my mind for about 12 minutes but i want to make a topic about it because i think it is so important and seems like not so many people talk about it.
If you had played Minecraft with mods for a very long time i’m sure you will know the mod name “Geolosys”. It basically change the way the world create ore from random generation to generate with a proper order, in suitable biomes. Now this is the main part, i’m wonder if we could try to replicate the feature that “geolosys” has gives us in Minecraft to Stonehearth and upgraded it to a completely new level. I had several ideas right now, some maybe very fun, some will make you unhappy for a little bit and some i think it is worth to try.:merry:

  1. New ore generation system: The O.G system now won’t be the same, hearthling now will have to go around several areas to prospecting what kind of minerals they have there and how big it is (this action can be done by the worker and can be activated through the harvest gui). Pros: Encourage other players to expand their town in order to set up some new camp to mine the veins :content:. Cons: make the hearthling and the mining areas become vulnerable at the enemy attacks :glum: (since you can’t split your army into small groups and go protect the areas while let the main town unguarded).

  2. New ores: Since the O.G systems will be changed, we should add some new ores to the game too, i’m not talking about a whole new ores like diamond or redstone or something like that, i’m talking about new type of ore based on the current one we have now, for example: in Stonehearth we only have one type of iron ore, now with this mod we will have more type of iron ore beside the default ore, like hematite, magnetite, limonite or siderite ore. the default ore now will be considered as limonite and will need 2 ore and 1 wood to smelt, siderite take 4, while hematite and magnetite is iron-rich ore and only need one to smelt (however you will need some special chemical to smelt it, and a skilled blacksmith can use this ore and directly turn it into steel), copper will be more tricky since they have like 12 TYPES of different copper ore, but we may focus on 3 type of copper ore-Chalcopyrite (poorest-need 4 of it to smelt), Malachite (default) and Cuprite (richest), tin will only have one type-cassiterite (default), gold won’t have any type ( i’m really can’t explain why, just ask google) and silver will have 3 type- argentite (default), cholargyrite (poorest) and galena (richest).

  3. New recipes: the blacksmith hammer now can’t be crafted with some copper ore, some stone and wood anymore, you will need 2 copper ingot to make the hammer, yes i know, there is no way you could get the 2 copper bar without a blacksmith (except trading and raiding the enemy’s camps), that why mason/potter will have some new recipe and new workshop: the stone/clay pit furnace! What it does? It simply allow our mason/potter to create some very basic metals (copper and tin, bronze is not allowed), which allow them to create some basic metal tools (like the hammer :merry:), but beware, the furnace took a lot of time and material to create some metals, if the blacksmith only need 2 default ores and 1 wood to make a metal bar, the mason/potter will take 8 ores and 4 woods to make only one bar of metal, this featured will be applied to every type of ores except the richest type (poorest will take 16, default will take 8 and so on).

  4. Miscellaneous idea: since the way to mining and processing minerals have become much more complex, i think the reward should be fit with the effort we have made, and becase of that, all tools, weapons, refined metal items and minerals should have a higher value (more like double of it default value) at the trader’s market, like that you will have more encouragement to keep developing your metal industry.

And that is, thank you to everyone who spend time to read this topic, i know it is a very long and boring topic (maybe have some grammar problem too) but this is just an small effort of a guy who tried to develop this game and make it much more fun and excited.:merry::merry::merry::merry::merry::merry:

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I do have a mod idea that includes (some) but not all of these.

I’m not sure when I’ll ever get to it - especially since I’m too busy with ACE - but I guess you’d like it :smiley:

I’ll paste you the notes I have on it (it’s just an idea for now); I also have several ideas for future uses for it, in combination with my other mods

Replaces the current Ore/Veins with new, more realistic ores.

  • Keep current ores logic (rename and recolor)
  • Add multimetal ore (real life ores)
  • Mining requirements/ore hardness? (maybe? some ores could require better tools or techniques)
  • Add the creation of more complex alloys (crucible)
  • Make smelting based on time (cooling system from dani core)
  • Make colors more realistic
  • Combine with the metallic salts from Glassworks
  • Add new metals/Bars already thinking of Jewelry mod

These are my notes :smiley:

Like I said, no promises but maybe one day, who knows? :3


Interesting. Actually when i’m making this topic, i’m also aware that there won’t have a lot of people will get into this, the only modder that i’m think are capable to do this is you since you have so many experience with trapper+ and glasswork mod :merry:. Also i see that you want to add the way to create more complex alloys, i suggest you to look over some minecraft mods like terrafirmacraft or tinker construct, they have a lot of different type of alloys, metals and materials that can be used both for building and crafting, maybe you will find some interesting idea in there. :jubilant:

P.s: also i’m found a very interesting bug in your trapper+ mod. if you already have a trapper in your current world without trapper+ installed, when you install the mod, that trapper won’t be able to craft any trapper recipe, even when you have the workshop.

Honestly it wouldn’t be - hard–since you can just use lots of minerals with different tags. It would just be a lot of work and art.

Well, thanks for the kind words but as Wouter said, it isn’t really complex or difficult :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure a lot of the modders in the community could do it as well. What might be true is that yes, my mods do focus on increasing the complexity/“realism” of in-game crafting and such :slight_smile: so that would explain why no one made this mod yet, but in terms of skills there are many other modders that could do it or do it better, even!

That is known (I think I mention it in the Steam Workshop? Not sure) Unfortunately this is not a bug, it’s how the game works and can’t really be fixed on the modder’s end: since Trapper+ changes the Trapper lua, old trappers will still use the old lua (since the change only applies on promotion), to fix this just demote them to worker and then back to trapper again :slight_smile:

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