Orchards (Additional type of farmland)

So, we currently have farmland, which works great, but there are a few things that it doesn’t support well - larger plants, and plants that can be harvested multiple times. To correct this, I propose the addition of a new farmland type, the Orchard.

Similar to farmland, the orchard is a plot of land that can be dedicated to the cultivation of particular plants and is worked by the farmer. (I wrestled with making this a separate class and decided it wasn’t needed.). Unlike regular farmland, orchards are placed in scalable fields up to 30x30, in 5x5 chunks. Each 5x5 segment of the field can grow a single plant, placed center.

Fundamentally, Orchards are used to grow two kings of plants:

  • multi-harvest plants, such as berry bushes and cactus fruit. Also addable under this category are “Orchard” trees - Apples, Peaches, Plums, Apricots, Figs, etc. All of these plant types have life cycles in three phases: Growth, where they are unharvestable until they reach maturity, the Harvestable/Harvested cycle, which can repeat a fixed or random ranged number of times, and Dying, which harvests once for a different yield. For example, a fig tree: Growth lasts 5 days, after which it can be harvested 8-12 times (with a 12 hour delay between re-harvests) to yield a basket of figs each time. Once it begins dying, it can be harvested one last time for 4 units of wood.
  • Large-single harvest plants, such as trees, giant cacti, etc. This works like the regular farmland - the plant is planted, grows to maturity, and then is harvested. The only difference is that the plant can be larger. An example might be an Oak tree - unlike the farmland sapling version, this oak tree grows for a few more stages before being chopped down for wood.

Responding both to say “I want to see this”, and to mention that farmland saplings can go through more growth stages as of Alpha 21, I’ve watched them grow to “large” (tooltip: 100’s of years old) over several in-game days.

Was surprising too, as they didn’t care at all that I’d planted them as close together as was possible while they were saplings.

4 1x11 sapling farms ended up giving me as much wood, from a single run, as if I had immediately harvested 4 times that amount. (each growth stage adds more wood to the tree)

I didn’t need any more wood for an in-game month, even with building twice as many houses as I’d previously had. (and job-tools for trading contracts, and beds/chairs for other contracts, etc, etc, …)