Option to disable Trapper pets


Kind of sick of a range of named bugs, rabbits, puppies etc. following my trapper home all the time. It’d be nice if there was an option to disable auto pet friending. Can there at least be the option to sell them? How about BOTH?

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right, ill go make “critters are food not friends” mini mod soon. was on my planning for some time already but didnt think there was demand for it :stuck_out_tongue:

it will basically be not a toggle but i cut out the option of befriending them. meaty chunks only.


In the mean time you can click on the pet and in its unit frame there will be a button to release it into the wild


If you play NA, releasing your pet into the wild has the added funny effect that as soon as it is released, it starts getting shot and killed.

It’s like “THERE IT IS, KILL LASSIE NOW” :joy:




Please tell me you did it with a monkey patch and not an override xD

	"level_data": {
		"2": {
		"mixintypes": {
         "perks": "override"
         "perks": [
               "name": "i18n(stonehearth:jobs.trapper.trapper_description.level_2_data.perk_001_name)",
               "id": "trapper_job_opportunities",
               "icon": "stonehearth/jobs/trapper/images/trapperLevel5.png",
               "description": "i18n(stonehearth:jobs.trapper.trapper_description.level_2_data.perk_001_description)",
               "level": 2

cut it as close as i could but its an array…


If I recall correctly the perk is just visual? I could be wrong (not on my PC right now) but if so, you’d still need to patch the Trapper LUA


well shit. ill see about the lua but i dont know how to lua…or monkey patch.
but im prety sure the chance to tame is defined in the json. so i could theoretically keep the perk but turn it to 0


I mean, it could have a check for the perk, in which case your solution works :merry:

I just really don’t remember, I’ll check once I get to my pc :smiley: But if it needs to patch the LUA, I’ll help you :merry:

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function TrapperClass:should_tame(target)
   if not self:has_perk('trapper_natural_empathy_1') then
      -- If no charm pet perk, then remove
      return false

i think this part of the lua tells me “i i dont have the perk, dont tame stuff?”

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Yep, it seems your solution works then :jubilant:

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should also be compatable with ace since ace only touches level “6” as far as i know