Game crash with trapper

So I was having my trapper explore and I sent her far away to find animals. I saw some and I had already given her the far away walk command but then I some the bunnies so I clicked 2 and it crashed.

Steps to repeat:

  1. start game

  2. appoint trapper

  3. send trapper to far away location

  4. click 2 while still having the trapper selected but before the trapper reaches its goal

I was surprised and no windows crash dialog came up after like a game usually has when it crashes.


I also had this happen while trying to trap sheep

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Same for me. I attempted to trap animals twice; the first time it worked fine, the second time the game crashed. Things that were different the second time: it was now nighttime (the first night), and the trapper was still moving (not sure if that last one was the case or not on my first, successful attempt).

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Would like to bump this thread, as I see it has no replies, and I just experienced it twice in a row.

The initial post describes it really well. No crash dialog, no force close notification, acts as though it was closed intentionally. Although for my step three, I didn’t send the trapper to a “Far away location”, both times I had sent him just barely into the fog of war.

Both times I did it it was also while pressing 2 on my keyboard, not clicking it with my mouse, if that’s important (I’m not sure if the same thing would happen from clicking, although I’d expect it would)

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Really odd that this happens so consistently on some systems, but not reproducible on others. Can you please send me (in a private message) your stonehearth.log and gfx.log files? (Located in “C:\Users{your_user_name}\AppData\Local\stonehearth”)


Sorry for the lack of confirmation! I have had this happen on my machine twice, but I was hot on the trail of something else and never got to go back to it. So yes, I know it happens, but I don’t yet know WHY or exactly how to reproduce it. Any help on that axis would be much appreciated.


Got it. Not Team Radiant’s fault, this time! So much rage at the silliness of this bug :rage2:


so, close this one up? rejoice in the fact that you’re off the digital hook here? :smile:

do tell!

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I believe it went a little like this:

Skateboarding youths: Yo Owen, when’s Zoolander 2 coing out dawg
Owen: Well ya know, I think I might just have a copy in the office guys, ya know, you should totally come up
SY: Siiiick

Skateboarding youths follow Owen up the stairs and into the office

O : “Just put your boards down there guys, ya know, I think you’re gonna like this one, we really went all out on the catwalk scenes”

One of the more reckless youths of the bunch accidentally places his fist on Owen’s keyboard

O: “Oh no what’d you do that for?! You totally just messed up the trapper class, not cool. You know, that’s gonna take so long to fix.”

End Scene

I would just like to add I have a dissertation due in 3 days and should probably be writing that rather than furthering your acting career @not_owen_wilson


Sometimes, you get a bug that teaches you software, or logic; other times, you learn something about patience and tenacity; rarely, you even learn something about yourself. This bug…did not teach anything new. Just “don’t trust other people’s code to do the right thing”, which is about as old a lesson as they get.[quote=“Geoffers747, post:9, topic:5464”]
I would just like to add I have a dissertation due in 3 days and should probably be writing that rather than furthering your acting career @not_owen_wilson
Aah, thesis procrastination. I know this topic very, very well :slight_smile: (“How well do you know it?” “Enough to write a…[puts shades on] thesis on it.” [The Who, etc.])

Best of luck in your writing! Glad it ain’t me :wink: