Only my farmers and fighter do any work!

only the farmers and fighters do anything. all my workers just talk and stay idle, same with all my crafters. I have tried erasing all work ques, and re-adding them, pausing the work or job function, I re loaded the game many a time and nothing.
Steps to reproduce:
there are no steps to reproduce. I have tried building new things and they wont even start anything new.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:


Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods (its release 707)
System Information:
windows 10

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Could you upload a save so the team and mods can look into the issue?
It should be where you installed your game

Have you tried changing the game speed? I find sometimes everyone will go idle and Ill adjust the speed and everyone starts going again.

the changing of game speed does nothing for me, I have tried that.

I’m not really sure how upload a save file to here, first time! I know where the save file is and I know how to upload it, but no clue how to upload a bin file

You can compress/zip the file and upload it by dragging it into the writing or editing window in the forums, or upload it to somewhere like google G-Drive and give us a share link!

i cant upload, new users cant upload attatchments. so let me see about linking it

that’s what you needed, correct?

I tried to play the game again, and now the hearthlings will build single blocks but that is all. they wont build buildings, walls, they wont craft anything, I still only have the farmers doing any work. all the rest just stand around and wait for vegetables to grow so they can put them in a chest.

That link didn’t work, @Jason. It’s not sharing your savefile folder. There should be an option to get the download link for the folder.
I’ve increased your user level so you should be able to upload files directly to Discourse now.
Here are detailed instructions for uploading savefiles:

  1. Find the save folder for the saves you wish to upload. By default, they are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install).
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. Right click the folder (should be a long set of numbers).
  4. Left click on Send to in the menu that appears.
  5. Left click on `Compressed (Zipped) folder).
  6. (Optional) Rename the folder to something different than the default set of numbers.
  7. Upload the save.
  8. If the zip is less than 10 MB, you can upload it directly. Either use the upload button or drag and drop it into the compose window,
  9. If larger than 10 MB, upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

With regards to the link provided, it is a link to the home of GD, not the item in your drive. You did not, I believe, correctly ‘give’; the save to here, but only linked the google page (6.9 MB)

ok I got it, heres the save file!

thx for the upload help, it is posted now!

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@Jason, your crafters need wood, but they can’t reach the logs of the hill below. Build a ladder so that your workers can pick the logs. There are some red logs near the stockpile, use the loot tool on them.

You also have items pending to loot in the mountain, but there’s no ladder or stairs that go to them, so your citizens can’t reach them either. Build a ladder so that there’s a path to them.

Cook was working fine because she had access to the food from the farmers.

omg that’s crazy… it said I had wood in my inventory… I didn’t even consider it being a lack of wood supply…