One person does all of the work

I sent my workers back to their normal tasks after constructing a building and noticed that everyone else went to eat while one person dug out an entire 20 X 18 area by himself. This isn’t strange by itself, but once everyone else finished eating, they wouldn’t go down to help him and they won’t pick up the items that were dropped after mining.

Please let me know if anyone else is having the same problem, and how to fix it! Thanks!

I find suspending and resuming the tasks in overview to reset this. Thought it was my fault somehow, but yes rarely occurs.

could the other reach him or the stuff? Did you dig out the ground or inside a mountain? Did you change something in there rask manager like citizens not hauling or mining or not doing there own jobs? Did it only happen with the citizens with out a job or did the farmer, the carpenter and other carreer given citizens stop doing there job too?

everyone won’t go to pick up the items, with jobs and without jobs, and all the items are clearly accessible because i’ve done the same exact thing before and there is a ladder that people clearly use in the corner to get down.

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sounds like a pathfinding problem. Could you upload the savefile so the devs can have a look at it?

Where do I find the stonehearth save files again?

Quick note before I look for the file: I haven’t been on since when the problem occurred, so I haven’t seen if any of the methods anyone has told me will work. Maybe it’s just a glitch that will be fixed by relogging?

One thing to also check is if there is enough storage space.

I would try starting up the game again and see if it is still happening, then check all the things that people have suggested, and if its still doing it - post the save on here : ).

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files save file

loading it up again did not work

Whoops, sorry about the link for whoever tried it and it didn’t work. Had to turn link sharing on. Should work now!

Still says something about requesting permissions.

Okay. I have it figured out now. Request permission and i will accept so you can access the file