Ocean Nomad Mod


This mod will add a rare chance (around 10 to 20 percent chance) that the Ocean Nomads will wash up on a beach near your city. I have not decided on what the Nomads will do yet although I have 1 idea.

This is just an example of what the Ocean Nomad village will look like, the main idea is that these guys float around sometimes washing up on shore. (this is how you find them) When they wash up on shore they will resupply by chopping down trees, gathering food etc. While out at sea they will use driftwood to build things and fish for their food. Give me your feedback and tell me what you think.


Interesting, but I do think the colors are too dark on the buildings. It just doesn’t look that great when its so dark. The buildings themselves though look really nice.

Also, oceans haven’t yet been confirmed, nor even lakes. So all your work may be for naught if they decide not to do oceans.

EDIT: I like the idea though.

Stonehearth.net Community-Mod?

The colors are dark because wood is darker when wet but I will look into lightening the colors


so we wouldnt see them on the water, but would have discovered them after they had been “beached”, correct?

i like the basic premise behind the characters… could get some interesting developments with these folks… and too like the look of their houses/shacks…


I could think about two purposes. They could either be similar to the rabbit-tribe, a NPC race which allows for trade. Or they could be an evil race, which arrives if your city reaches a certain clipping level (enough welath?) and starts to attack you.


So if I understand correctly, the ‘ground’ for this is made up of wood (logs)? If that’s the case, it would be great to see some dimension to make that visually obvious. Example: the darker ‘stripes’ on the shack roofs look like rope holding the logs together, and could be brought down in to the ground. It would also be cool to see different bargetypes, like one being a basin that holds dirt so the little people can farm, and some special item-types, like water collection basins and the like.

I seriously love this idea as a playable race if that’s what you’re going for.


@SteveAdamo I was thinking that you might hve a guy wash up on shore instead of the Ocean Nomads and he would tell you where they were and then you could build a ship and sail to them, So there might be two ways you could find them.

@voxel_pirate I highly doubt these people would be in anyway evil so they would probably be more trade than evil but maybe if you piss them off enough they might attack you

@Spu The different barge types is a really good idea maybe in a storm a barge could come loose and you could have the choice of saving it or saving another barge and I might make these guys a playable race but only if the modding tools are simple enough because I barely know any code besides the basics of Html


i like it… while it adds another layer of complexity to the modding, it also adds another layer of mystery/intrigue… :+1:


You could even add a bit more realism (IMO) if you made the upper half of the logs lighter and the parts that go underwater every now and then darker!

EDIT: I really like it so far! Keep up the good work, I’ll stalk this thread :laughing:


Here is the village updated with leather straps to hold the barges together, Two new barges: Farming barge and Water Basin Barge and yes I am aware that the leather straps make the village look like a race car


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