In-light of recent updates. I decided to pull some things together


A small village in a desolate sandy biome.


Very nice! I’d love to see a villager somewhere in there to give the whole thing a sense of scale, but otherwise it looks pretty cool :smiley:


Not to hate but that dosent look like sand, its split pea soup colored.

If you change that baby poop green to a tannish color it would look much better.


I like the concept, really has a great desolate feel to it, however I don’t think the sand looks like sand, the path looks like sand, the rest of it has this burnt grassland look for me… perhaps it needs to be a bit lighter as it’s currently on the dark side.

Also, the bases of the buildings closer to us don’t seem quite right? They need some sort of distinguished base, as they currently look like they merge into the ground.

Great start though, keep at it!


Haha now that i look again the sand does look pretty bad :L Oh well i’ll just have to make a few adjustments here and there.


I think it looks alright. I’m not sure about the fountain in a desert biome, but I like it.


Ok I’ve fixed the sand


That looks much better. It has a very deserty feel to it now.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


You could maybe add a single Dried out tree in the back round but, other than that Good work my Friend!!!


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll put in some dead trees and stuff for you =D