Good bye "Croachers Edge"

town screwed by me trying to build a big building and just horribly bugging it out
(stairs man XD)

off to do another

here the screenshots, for people who might draw any kind of inspiration out of it

(if you wonder, i tried to build a temple into the mountain.
apparently 2 big, and stairs seem 2 b kind of a problem rn if you build for more than 2 floors)

at least now i know that its so early in development that building monuments is not a thing yet :X
oh well


I so prefer the look of the desert people’s buildings and decor, shame their class/tool upgrade path seems totally unbalanced and unfinished compared to the Europeans. Blocky sand coloured buildings fit and work well with block based building systems, I’d often build babylonian looking things in minecraft for instance.

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