Númenorian armory (MOD)


mod would need a total rebuild because pretymuch all of the game code has changed, some models are still in working order though.

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Well, with the Dwarves due out soon(ish), a complete LotR mod has to be on the cards… right? Right? crosses fingers

The LotR mod for Rimworld really took off and is amazing, having that for Stonehearth would be 100x better. Someone please pick this up, pleeeeeease. :slight_smile:




Thank you! -I’m glad to see that there is still and interest in this MOD, -I do check in from time to time and look around :grinning:
I can try to update it now when the game is out of Alpha, I have lots of ideas too :slightly_smiling_face:


ooooh, sounds interesting :smiley:
are you on the ACE discord chat aswell @Vargbane if you need any help with the code aspect of it, thats the place to ask if you try to re do it in the current games code :slight_smile:

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ACE discord? -That’s something new to me :grinning:
I will no doubt need help catching up with the code, so that sounds interesting!
Where can I find it?

I see some ppl have posted MOD’s on Steam too, I’ll have to look in to that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right here!

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Thank you @Wouter_Sikkema! I’ll check it out! I just joined ACE :grinning:

Oh, and just to clarify, this ‘Númenorian Armory’ MOD is obsolete, -the MOD I will be trying to update is the ‘Descendants of Númenor’ MOD that includes most of this content :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I’m experimenting with a playable faction that I temporarily named ‘The Dunedain Folk of Gondor’, -it’s mostly based on the Northern Alliance faction.