Primitive Armory [A24][1.2]

Greetings, everyone!

I’m here to (finally) annouce and publish my first mod!
Primitve Armory is a very simple mod that aims to spice up the early game a little bit!

Here’s the official description:

Primitive Armory is a simple mod that adds a handful of very early game items to create a
small arsenal to give players some interesting choices and possibilities for the gap between
early/starting weapons & armor and the metal age.

The current version of the mod adds shields with no Def bonus (just a small chance to block), chest pieces with Def+2, helmets with Def+1 and a small range of weapons with Atk+11 (Carpenter & Potter) plus a couple of Atk+12 and Atk+13 slightly higher level weapons for the Mason.

The equipment is designed to fit the game’s style and colors, using the same palette as
Stonehearth’s vanilla wood, ceramics and stone. Primitive Armory can be helpful for more
casual play of Normal mode, giving yourself a bit more of time to proceed to the metal age
on your own pace - and it is also particularly helpful and interesting for Hard Mode, where
it shines by giving you an edge to focus on other parts of your settlement while still being
able to survive the rapid strengthening of your hearthlings’ foes.


The mod is available in Stonehearth’s Steam Workshop and can be found here!
(Direct Download)

The mod only adds entities (items) and recipes to pre-existing Stonehearth professions and as such it should be compatible with any other mods unless they override basic professions and their recipe lists.

This mod is completely compatible with Stonehearth’s localization, it is in English (en) by default but also includes a Brazillian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation.

(June 12th, 2018) v1.2

  • Fixed female armors to function with the new stonehearth standards.

(May 13th, 2018) v1.1

  • Fixed some typos/text issues
  • Changed the Primitive Spear and the Primitive Stone Spear to 1-handed weapons. They were
    acting as 1-handed weapons due to a Stonehearth bug that is affecting all 2-handers, but since
    it might be fixed at some point, I decided to make the change now.
  • Fixed an issue where hearthlings would refuse to get better equipment.
  • Removed the parry chance from the Primitive Dagger.

(May 6th, 2018) v1.0

  • Initial release

Credits, Support & Contacts included in the ‘readme’ file.

Hope you all like it and let me know what you think! :slight_smile:
Oh - and special thanks for Team Radiant for creating such a lovely platform! :heart:


Wood helmet

Nice >:]

I definitely appreciate the purpose of this mod. Not entirely sure I want my Hearthlings running around in bark, but the outfits look really nice!


Looks really good @DaniAngione! great idea with the theme and i will defently try this mod out at some point.

Thank you for the work you have put into this! :sunny: :merry:


I’m loving what you did, and especially the wooden shield and spear.
The shield gives me a thorin oaken shield vibe and that’s cool :smiley:


I think the best use of some primitive armaments, particularly in the early game, would be if every hearthling could use them (perhaps only during town alert mode).

For the first couple days, when you’re mostly dealing with tiny groups of enemies that your hearthlings can survive okay in town alert mode (but do get hurt a fair amount on hard mode), it feels like a bit of a waste to train one of your limited hearthlings as a footman. Being able to craft a bunch of these primitive items right off the bat with your carpenter not only helps skill them up, but can also allow you to focus on town growth a little more before having to assign a footman.

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Thanks everyone for the support and kind words so far :slight_smile:

I didn’t release it earlier (and updated it over time) because - being my first mod - I wanted to wait until it was completely functional and such; I had to learn a lot and fix a lot of issues (flying helmets, anyone?) among other things and as such I consider it a finished mod since I don’t think that early game equipment should be that much expanded since it doesn’t last long anyway…

However, I will (of course!) support it for as long as it needs and gladly add new things should anyone come with interesting new ideas or suggestions, so please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see, balance changes, etc!

That is a cool concept and it was part of my original idea as well. The mod started as a way to arm villagers and form a militia-like force to improve your chances on Town Defense Mode when you have no soldiers or they’re unable to help/defeated.

However I did find out that (surprisingly) the villager weapons are actually high-damaging when compared to the first weapons of the Footman, even the bronze ones and so. What makes the villagers so “inefficient” in combat is actually their behavior, not their equipment. The worker axe has a damage of 20 I think (which is like iron weaponry) however they don’t attack as often as proper footmen, they prefer to cower or flee and attack every now and then. So it’s a balanced advantage, they have a higher damage output per strike but far less strikes, making their DPS actually smaller.

(I blurred this part because it contains wrong information, please disconsider!) Fake news!

So when I found out about that, I realized that these weapons would be useless for villagers unless I change their behavior and make them be braver/not cower when defending the flag on Town Defense Mode. However… that would completely spoil the purpose of having soldiers in the first place. If you can arm citizens and if they can fight without being afraid, then you might as well not have soldiers at all and just defend yourself with OP villagers. So I scrapped that idea :slight_smile:

What someone could perhaps do - on a different mod - is create a “militia” squad of sorts and when soldiers are assigned to these squads, they can still build/haul instead of patrolling - and not respond to calls/orders. That could perhaps help the early game when all help is needed. But they’d still be footmen and all that, any changes to worker behavior (to make them fight better) would be too balance-breaking in my humble opinion :slight_smile:

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I think you can sort of do that by turning off the soldier’s “Job” checkbox in the task manager menu. At least, I’m pretty sure it used to stop them from patrolling.

It does, yes;
But you can’t tick (or at least I think you can’t) Build and Mine for them. So they become basically haulers. Which is already helpful but still allows room for a “militia mod” should anyone is willing :3

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Uhm, that does not seem right. Where exactly you got that? Looking at entities/tools/worker_axe/ it has only 4 attack

Looking at your steam mod page, it is in portuguese for me. Does it show in portuguese for you too? I’m asking because I did the same in my page (added both english and portuguese descriptions) but I can only see it in english. I now tried accessing it through my brother account and it is also in english… I probably did something wrong.

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Oh, boo
I think I checked the wrong axe and thought it was the worker’s axe, I checked the crude metal axe and since it doesn’t have much connections/iconic form/etc I assumed it was the worker axe… Hmmm…

Well, then maybe the original idea would still be possible, although I’m unsure if I like it anymore now that I also included armor :joy::rofl:
(edit: I’ve blurred the referred part on the reply above to not perpetuate wrong information :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway - when you open the Steam Workshop page and go on “Edit Title/Description”, there is a dropdown menu that allows you to write title and description to different languages. Pick one, write, save; rinse and repeat. I have not used the SH uploader to write the description, only Workshop itself, since the in-game UI doesn’t let you write the description for multiple languages so I assume it always updates the English description.

I think even if their behavior didn’t change, and they still cowered and ran a lot, having some extra armor from primitive shields and extra damage from primitive weapons would be nice. And I think town defense mode is restrictive enough that it wouldn’t disrupt balance too much. Basically it adds another option for early game. You can still start leveling a footman right off the bat, but then that doesn’t feel mandatory.

As it is, on hard I generally have to make a footman right away and then within the first couple days train another one. But since I don’t feel that I can afford to have permanent footmen that early on, I only keep one of them as a permanent footman, and once they hit level 2 (so they don’t lose experience) I actually switch them back to a worker until enemies show up again and I need to switch them back. And the secondary footman just gets flipped all the time until I have enough citizens to afford keeping them as a footman (i.e., once I have a cleric and switching between different full health citizens to be my level 1 footman is no longer important).

Absolute min/maxing is always going to involve more micromanagement, but I think there’s room for a healthy medium of efficient play that isn’t cumbersome. To that end, I’d also really like a military group command to toggle all members’ Job participation between on and off. Then in the early game I can easily switch my only military group between active and hauling, and late game when I have multiple military groups I can easily call in the reserves when needed but allow them to haul most of the time (without having to open up the citizens menu and click a bunch of checkboxes all the time).

were is link pls

nvm i found it

One thing I’ve noticed that bugs me, is that my hearthlings aren’t swapping a Ceramic Lid (0 Def) for a Rough Wooden Buckler (+1 Def). It wasn’t until I started crafting Bronze Shields, that they finally swapped items.

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release-943 (x64)[M]

…tonehearth/services/server/combat/combat_service.lua:814: assertion failed: no range on weapon data for weapon (278758 primitive_armory:weapons:primitive_dagger)

stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘error’ radiant/modules/commons.lua:245: in function ‘assert’ …tonehearth/services/server/combat/combat_service.lua:814: in function ‘get_weapon_range’ …tonehearth/services/server/combat/combat_service.lua:832: in function ‘in_range’ …tonehearth/services/server/combat/combat_service.lua:838: in function ‘in_range_and_has_line_of_sight’ …ions/combat/chase_entity_until_targetable_action.lua:75: in function ‘_update_think_output’ …ions/combat/chase_entity_until_targetable_action.lua:35: in function <…ions/combat/chase_entity_until_targetable_action.lua:34> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’ radiant/server.lua:67: in function <radiant/server.lua:64>

What is this for?

I need to update my mods to use the new filter/tags as arrays. Until them they are sorta broken :frowning: Sorry about that!

Broken. Does that mean they can’t be used or I just have to click close…? I’m not very familiar with how mods work, just that I like that they add cool stuff! Lol.

So should I not use this mod? :frowning:

Try just closing, if it works, then it’s fine :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I’ll probably update them this weekend so you don’t have to stop using them :slight_smile:

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I like that idea!

I have a small question. the mod is in the form of .rar, should I just change it to .smod? I don’t really know how it works. Thanks