Notice of being attacked

Just had an attack and the citizen died because I didnt know that it was going on. A “Your town is under attack” with the clickable ! so you can zoom in on it would be nice.

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odd… i thought we did have a visual and audible alert when under attack… perhaps that was just when we were getting looted?

either way, i would agree! :smile:

Yes there is only a warning when the goblin is stealing your stuff. But he is attacking a villager there is none.

hmm, I suppose I haven’t been directly attacked yet (I’ve only suffered from the stealing goblinzez)…

There are only two times you can be attacked without modding:

  1. a goblin is stealing your stuff, your guards attack him, his guards attack you.
    2)The goblin bandits show.

Both popup big on screen that there are goblins on the map. If goblins are on the map you are being attacked, thats all there is to it.

I noticed that the Goblins steal food now instead of just wood. And the 2 games when they stole the food I didn’t get an alert.

They steal any item now I believe have seen food, stone and logs.

and the saw if you dont upgrade someone

agreed, good idea. Perhaps a sound too? Like a town bell.

just had it happen to me 2 of my citizens died with out me knowing around 24:41 in my video