Not able to change window size so I can play game while streaming to twitch with one monitor. Help?

With my retirement I have created my youtube channel and twitch, and this is one of the games I like to play… but I have not set up my system for 2 monitors and likely won’t for a few months. I would like to stream gameplay to twitch, but I need to resize the window so I have room on side to see chat, and on bottom to see OBS Studio…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Tried going into options and selectinf/unselecting “fullscreen” No effect
  2. Tried using the minimize/maximize button on Stonehearth, to no apparent effect.
  3. Tried editing Stonehearth.json, both changing the resolutions numbers (from 1920 & 1080 to 1366 &768 {trying to maintain ratios} and changing “enable_fullscreen” back and forth between false and true.

Expected Results: I would expect something would allow me to play game with room on side and bottom to at least see if there is any chat, so I can read and reply…

Actual Results: There is no change in window size, so I have to tab back and forth if I want to see the other apps, which is unacceptable to me.

I am using the version which steam has updated (release 790) x64 build.

I hope there is an easy fix, your game is what I like to play when I am wanting to wind down, but it would be nice to stream it as I try to build a sense of community. Thank you…

[EDIT] I checked the other steam games I have (rimworld and astroneer) and they work as expected

I reloaded the Stonehearth.json (I backed it up when I was editing it…) and now it works… with the original .json No idea what I was doing wrong… But I do not see how to delete this thread now… :confused:

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@Relyss ,@Brian would like this thread deleted? :wink:

Good that you found a solution Brian and good luck with the streaming :sunny: