Feature Request: change resolution

I would like to be able to change the game’s resolution from the options. At the moment, the game simply inherits the resolution from whatever the OS is set to.

I play Stonehearth using steam in-home streaming, and the computer that I am sitting at has a much higher resolution monitor than the one actually running the game, so it is very low res when I’m actually playing. Right now the only way to get Stonehearth to look good is to set the resolution way high on the PC running the game, which makes that computer otherwise unusable.

you might be able to change it in your user_settings.json file


That’s odd, i don’t know how streaming works, but i’m pretty sure SH tries to run according to the screen resolution, try turning it into windowed-mode and make it full-screen(not in the settings, on the top bar)
That should make it adjust to the resolution of the screen