Non-Steam version for Stonehearth\Launcher


Out of curiousity, would this have launcher, similar to Minecraft? So we can have a choice of automatically downloading the latest patches that the devs push out, or do we need to update them manually?

Steam obviously would allow for the automatic patching but of course, I’m just wondering, that’s all.


I’m assuming it would, as the devs have expressed their desire to support both Steam and non-Steam gamers. I’m sure they will try to streamline the process as much as possible, to minimize the work people have to do to stay up to date.


agreed… if everything falls into place, and the client is offered via Steam (which does provide for client updates, correct), i am certain radiant would do everything they could to make the experience as similar as possible, and the update process as painless as possible for non steam users…


Chances are they’ll use their own updater similar to what Squad did with KSP. I’m sure they’ll whip something up.


Yer I would imagine Steam would simply be an extension of the delivery methods for the game.

A game launcher/hub makes a lot of sense, perhaps something like the Sims 3 (WHAT, IT’S A GREAT GAME) where you can launch the game, see what’s ‘hot’ in the mods section, get the latest news on it etc.


Yeah it is, but Origin is terrible and the DLC pitches can be a bit much. I wish the community had more hold over that game.