Steam Workshop?

It will support Steam Workshop? Because this will be very good :smile:


Up and sorry for my english.

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Yeah, I would like to know this too.
I have not found this elsewhere.

Will this game support Steam workshop?

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Well, it supports modding, so I’m sure it could.

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This is my first time posting on this forum and I have a question because I couldn’t find it posted anywhere. Are there any plans to open up mods for availability on the Steam Workshop?

It would make finding and installing mods for this wonderful game much easier and definitely increase the playability. When I first started installing mods I had to go to 4 different web sites to find templates and mods and it was very frustrating.

There was one site for mods, but it kinda not being used much lately.

But all mods can be found here in the discord, this is the main site and I think there isn’t any mod available somewhere else while not here.

Thanks for the response Bruno. That’s good to know! I still think opening this game to the steam workshop wouldn’t hurt

Hmmm, I agree with you, that’s why I’m learning to mod, coming from trying to learn java to mod minecraft to modding stoneharth is like going for a swim in the pool after swimming in the big and scary ocean. You should try it, it’s super easy!

Open Workshop on Steam.
Oh Yeah.

What for?

The more I look at Workshop, the less I like it. Mostly because it’s in many senses a closed ecosystem. It doesn’t support versioning (all it allows is downloading the latest one), it blocks downloads for non-steam users (and Stonehearth is distributed not only through Steam), it doesn’t allow co-working on mods. And Steam monetization politics about it was… less that great in the past.
Also, my personal grudges against Steam.
I mean, some kind of a tool for mod maintenance would be nice. But outside repositories’ (like Github or SourceForge) popularity isn’t based on nothing.

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Hi; this is my second post here and I recently had an idea on how to introduce Stonehearth on to Steam Workshop. Some games like: Besiege, Space Engineers, Cities Skylines or Planet Coaster have Steam Workshop support which is full of (accordingly) mashines ,space ships, cities or buildings builded by players. Some of them are really awesome looking and I think that introducing Stonehearth to this would make it even better. Just think of the possibilities! You could upload there mods, towns, new biomes and items or templates of your own buildings. Personally I think it could be very useful for new players and could create an awesome community in which we share what we are proud off.
Wiktor Rybczyński :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, they know about it. Maybe it hits us someday.
Although there are a few challenges, there are also many benefits to having it.

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That’s nice! I hope they figure it out as fast as possible for them because I have some ideas on building I would like to publish. :slight_smile:

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I would prefer if Stonehearth did not integrate with Steam for its modding capability. Valve has shown itself to be untrustworthy when it comes to user-created content. It would be far better if a fan service took off.


The game is distributed not only in the Steam. Integration in Steam will in any case cause an outflow of people and their work from other sources (for example, the site of Bruno). Everyone will suffer, except people who bought the game in the Steam.

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Maybe spacedock could be a good place to efficiently store mods? I have seen multiple games on that platform, so maybe this one can be added to that list.

Many games support both the workshop and manual dowloading of mods.
Therefore, I see no reason not to support the workshop, it will only be used by those who want.

Just noticed today that steam workshop seems to be up for stonehearth. It’s a beta, so not sure if that means some categories won’t work or what, but hey, it’s here. Two mods already up!


This looks really cool!