Steam Workshop Support

I mentioned this on the kickstarter comments, but what does everyone think about the developers offering steam workshop in the game? Seems to me judging from games that I have played that use it (mostly skyrim) that it makes finding and installing mods much more approachable, as steam handles all the downloading, updating, and file modifications in the background. Thoughts?


i dont know much about steam (from the modding perspective), but i have heard it is a relatively easy tool to use…

i think the team intends to spend some quality time learning just what is and is not capable with within the platform… only time will tell! :slight_smile:

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Tom has mentioned several times that he just doesn’t know enough about Steam and the Steam Workshop to issue an official statement concerning mods and the Steam Workshop. With that said, I imagine that, more than likely, the Steam Workshop will be utilized. It is just too convenient a tool not to use. :wink:

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Maybe as an optional thing for mod developers, but I have heard way more talk about an in game or other stonehearth controlled and based way to install mods easily

I thought you could not use mods based off other content in Steam Workshop if its too obvious…like say someone made a lightsaber weapon mod.

Considering I have seen that mod for skyrim before, probably not

I think Tony has said in his livestream videos that he wants to have modding be part of the game itself. The way he talked about it made me think it would be built into the client.

i think we’re talking about two different things here (unless im confused, which is entirely possible)… yes, modding will be performed using the client itself… but i think the topic here is where the user created mods could be hosted?

The Steam Workshop allows for distribution and integration of user-generated content (typically modifications, new levels and models, and other in-game content) directly through the Steam software. With this, players can select content to download, including content packages created by others, and rate content. Games can provided Steam Workshop support through the Steamworks API offered by Valve.

From: Category:Steam Workshop games - Wikipedia

I hope they build their own mod store, bake it into the in-game experience and leave Steam/Valve out of it.

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My guess is once they learn more about Steam Workshop, they will use. But I still think they will have their own system for us to use.

From the way the discription of the modding capabilites is writen (bottom of the home screen for those that what to read it) it looks like it will in the game client, or at least with it - so no need for Workshop support.