Is there anyway to download qubicle stonehearth edition without the download link the send in the email?

I bought Qubicle SH edition a while back, I went to download it through the email link they sent me and it’s expired, I have the key, they just expired my download link and expect me to pay to get a new link. I’m not sure what kind of business that is but its stupid.

Question is, is there anyway around this? Because paying £6 to download something I have already paid for seems pathetic.

I also didn’t know what forum subject to post this in.

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hey there @Azhrak … let’s ask the man himself…

paging @Tim! :smile:


You might be better off sending him a support email on his website.

He’s not been active for three months.


Just to add to @thomasbiggin post

You can normally get in contact with Tim via the Minddesk forum

Start a topic there, that’d be my suggestion :wink:

As a side note, there is no way Tim or anyone from Minddesk would expect you to pay twice. You just have an expired download link that’s all. :wink:

hey there,
to get your software just visit
and enter your order no. there.

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So just to confirm! Cubicle is the Official tool that Radiant is sticking with? I don’t want too spend some $$ only to find they are changing editors later. (yeah not the best place to ask but it is the most current :slight_smile: ).

Probably be a good investment either way since more games are being built using it. I just would like a confirmation though. Ty.

@Tim pls bring to Steam, tried to look for it. Good luck with expanding :slight_smile:

It’s the current tool. Whether or not Radiant changes their preferred format later on is not really known.

Dang :frowning: I’ll just wait a bit more then… Unless some kind folks can convince me that Stonehearth will for a long time to come be compatible with this tool :slight_smile: Ty for the quick Reply :slight_smile: @RepeatPan

I highly doubt they will, they would have to literally change all the other models and considering they built an engine for the .QB files, it seems unlikely.

@RepeatPan is correct in that Qubicle is the current tool they use… but so are sublime, 3DSMax and any other tools they are currently using… anything can be changed at any point… :wink:

having said that, I would be very surprised if they opted to use another voxel modeling tool…

There’s nothing very special about the Qubicle binary format, it’s literally just a bunch of colors and I think the engine isn’t even using the format to its full potential. For ShPad for example, I’m using a self-built, minimized voxel format with a different compression - it’s not special and in the engine it’s likely handled without any reference to qb whatsoever.

Ah, I’m a little rusty on certain model file formats :smile: Especially when it comes to custom engines and file formats I have no knowledge with. Qubicle just seems like the best voxel modelling tool I have come across, a lot are really limited.
I just don’t see them changing that aspect of their work process.

So just curious what would you suggest (and No if I take your suggestion I won’t hold it against you If I happen to not like it in the end :slight_smile: ).

Suggest for what? As file format, qb isn’t too bad, although I’m not sure if the engine actually uses the pre-encoded alpha byte (which could be used to improve rendering/mesh generation I guess?). Most of the header could be removed and the compression enabled, although even that doesn’t work too nicely (the gain from enabling encoding/qb’s compression isn’t as much as one would hope for).

So if we’re not using the alpha byte, file size could be reduced by 1/4th by omitting it, which would be a major gain. Enabling qb’s encoding thingy might help too but I haven’t really been convinced from the short tests I’ve conducted back then.

The engine likely just has an abstract voxel model (something like a three-dimensional array of color information) and a function that loads a qb into one of these structs. It would be possible to load other things too; there’s nothing Stonehearth currently uses that would be exclusive to .qb or Qubicle Constructor. The things I’ve produced for my own stuff have all been made with Minecraft/Panicle/my own stuff, which uses .qb as exporting format, but isn’t using the Constructor and all in all just sets default values for most of the stuff.

As I’ve said, when we get down to it, qb is really just a bunch of RGBA values. We could even go so far as to say that when palettes get introduced, each model could be limited to 255 colors, therefore reducing filesize to 1/4th of the current one easily - but that would require custom editors/compilers to bake the models, which would make things more… difficult.

As far as editors go, I have to say that I don’t like Qubicle because it’s so counter intuitive to use. What I want in a voxel editor, basically, is Minecraft’s creative mode plus a few tools maybe. Add voxels, remove voxels, recolor voxels - that’s it. But then again, I’m really not a reference when it comes to visual stuff.

That’s all I needed to know. I already have a few program that I can use in it’s place thanks :slight_smile: saved me some $$. I’ve been watching some video’s for a few hours of ppl using cubicle and found I am not going to save much time in getting it. Ty.

@Tim The Minddesk Qubicle 2.5 - Professional Voxel Editor For Modding And Game Development technique doesn’t work, it isn’t sending me the email.

@Azhrak please contact me via email support at minddesk com

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