Qubicle Stonehearth Edition

Does any one know about the deal that Radiant Entertainment and Minddesk have? I would desperately like to export my creations to Autodesk’s 3ds Max or Maya, but the free version has limited me. I want to know sooner rather than later about the details of this agreement. Is it going to be free to Stonehearth backers, or discounted? When will it be available? Is it going to be similar to the Home edition or the Gamer edition? Please let me know.

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@TUGenius There is no deal in place yet. So no details are known. Radiant and Minddesk are under negotiations to find a solution, that was the last message. For the moment, you will have to wait a bit longer, or invest into (at least) the Home Edition of Qubicle :-/.


I’ve been looking into this as well as the game has be quite excited. It seems that to make mods all you would really need is the gamer edition but I am not experienced in modding nor with Qubicle. It all depends on what they have the files saved as really. I can’t see it being too difficult for them to integrate the Gamer edition if that is all you need, though I could see how that would get very expensive very quickly. Chances are it would be a handicapped Qubicle module. Handicapped in the sense that it would be limited to exporting solely for the game.

Typically bulk purchases do get discounts though. I work in the Marine Service industry and we can see discounts of up to 50% depending on the bulk so I’m sure it’s the same. One thing is for sure at minimum they are looking at a deal involving 22k+ copies of this software. With numbers like that I’m sure they can negotiate some kind of deal. This of course is not including people who will buy the game that did not donate or the double pack backers.

for those looking for some of the original dialogue, including links to a few potential alternatives, here is @Tom’s thread

And to make it complete… you will need the “Home Eddition” for non commercial Voxel-Art, which is at the moment $40. In addition to some features, this includes the option to export .obj-Files which you would like to have to work with Blender, etc.

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