No spiders please

Hi all.
So yeah i’m arachnophobic and the only thing that keeps me away from a game are spiders.
It would be a shame if pledged for a game that i can’t play, i mean people have a lot of imagination
and still they have to put spiders in game when they hear dungeon.
Please be creative and avoid putting spiders in this game otherwise i won’t be able to play it.

And i know they’re blocky it’s not real and everything but well i can’t stant them on a picture alive or dead.
So please keep them away from that game

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If you dislike them that much all you would have to do is modify them into something else. Make them all penguins and release a spider->penguin mod.


Maybe we could use something like extended options to deactivate specific sorts of monsters. I think this wouldn’t be too difficult to create.

In all honesty, this is something I have never come across before, and have never even thought about.

I really wouldn’t worry though, whilst there may be spiders in the game I’m sure there will be some way of deactivating or replacing them as mentioned above!

I know they’ve said they would have a ‘for fun’ mode with no enemies, but then that’s no good if you want the enemies and the challenge!

Even if you have hardly any art or mode talent i am positive you will be able to fix it. Just take like the dragon whelp, change its colors to black or something mean, then copy it and paste it in place of spiders. Then whenever the game would load a spider monster you instead get a black dragon. Copy pasting an existing creation in its place should be really easy.

I’ve seen mods for games like Skyrim that replace spiders with something else for arachnaphobics. Considering the mod support Stonehearth will have I can’t imagine it would be terribly difficult for a no-spider mod to be implemented.

Spiders are just as afraid of you as you are of them.

Which is why they bite you.

I for one welcome our new arachnid overlords.

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i for one am looking forward to seeing radiant’s version of a spider (if indeed they introduce one)… only because i’ve never seem a zombie sporting a half exposed rib-cage, and thought to myself … “ahh, he looks cute! nasty… but still kinda cute!”

as such, how cute/awesome/nasty would a radiant inspired spider be? :smiley:

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@black_bqss Spiders can be scary but if you hate them that much that you’d forget about stonehearth entirely just because one of the most common animals on the planet are in it seems depressing to me, and i might want to get help with arachnophobia if it’s that bad. It seems to me like a guy afraid of heights not wanting to play snakes and ladders.

But someone will probably just mod them out for you anyways.

Do you cower and hide at the sight of spiders, or flail and scream “OH GOD KILL IT”

Because I feel the more spiders you kill, the better you would feel about them

@TobiasSabathius I think perhaps you should hide your thread from this poor fellow :wink:

My crimes know no end :smile:


If there are… mod them out! :smiley:

truth be told, spiders are great to have around the house… they eat all the other (nastier) bugs and keep your place relatively bug free,

i say, the more the merrier!


Well, if you like them so much, why don’t you marry them?

Also, spiders should be your allies and they should attack your enemys, like they would with bugs.

cool! man I do not like how you have to have 20 letters.

Maybe you should try to go about seeing a therapist; you seem to have a great sensation from killing spiders, more than the average person probably should.

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Hello sir, I am a bit of an Arachnophobic person as well, but I think you should just face it and like the game and just kill spiders if they are in the game. I really like killing spiders in games maybe you can come to like it too, I would love to see spiders in this game, it would be cool to kill them so I hope you love the game as well however it will be :smiley: PS Spelling Corrected

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spiders always get a bad racket, and are associated with the “bad guys” in games… so its unlikely that if spiders are introduced in SH, that they would be on our side… but, i like the idea of sicking my spider legions upon my unsuspecting enemies… :godmode:


I wasn’t thinking necessarily under your command, but maybe a town (or nest) of spiders which by default will always be on your side. If you start attacking them, they’ll go enemy, though.