No Speed Indication and Level-Crafter Menu Glitch

Hey there,

I have a couple quick little bugs to report. Just little, ‘eh’ bugs that are pretty insignificant, but nonetheless, still bugs.

At the start of the game, once the player erects the town flag and the main HUB appears, there is no indication of speed on the bottom, left side. In other words, neither the ‘Pause,’ ‘Speed 1,’ or ‘Speed 2’ buttons are highlighted. Again nothing significant; just something to mention.

I’ve only had the opportunity to test this on the Carpenter… While in the crafting menu, if the Carpenter levels up, the menu renews itself and whatever you were about to order is cancelled. I must note that any previous order that was placed before (or after) the Carpenter levels up is still valid. It’s simply, exactly when the Carpenter levels up does the glitch take place. Again, totally random little thing to note, but perhaps still something to mention.

Alright, that’s it.

(Oh, also, if anyone has a better title for this post, please feel free to let me know or even change it yourself if possible. It’s obvious that’s not one of my better titles.)

Have a good one,


I can confirm the first (I was about to post about it too) and need to add to the second. The crafting menu on any active crafting window will reset (both order number and selected item reset) with any level up event that occurs. I’ve had this occur a couple of times and ended up with 5 mason’s workbench due to not paying close enough attention


This appears to be fixed in release 472.

This is still an issue. See linked thread to report more details.