(Minor) Crafter's Menu Bug

Title: Crafter’s Menu Bug

Summary: I noticed that when I’m in a crafting menu… in this case, specifically, it was the Potter’s crafting menu… once that NPC levels up, the total number of resources I have for a specific item no longer shows. For example, when looking at the small urn, it would tell me that I have, let’s say, 30 “Mounds of Clay” and I need 1 one piece to craft the item, illustrated by 30/1.

With this glitch, once the Potter levels up, while the player is still in the crafting menu, that illustration goes from 30/1 to just /1.

Again, this is an extraordinarily minor bug, but a bug nevertheless, so, there you go!

Also, great idea with this already-made outline for bug reports!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have player in crafting menu.
  2. While in crafting menu, have an NPC level up at the same time.

Expected Results: Expected, the illustration should just say, from the example above, 30/1.

Actual Results: Actual, the illustration just displays as /1.

Notes: -

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Versions and Mods: This is the latest version of the Steam ‘Latest.’ For me, that’s DEVELOP-2720 as of 11/25/2015.

System Information: -

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I got an error pop up when they levelled up, i thought it was related to me dragging items at the right on the crafting window at the time though…good to know.