No goblin camp spawn in frostfeast?

Hey guys. So I’ve always enjoyed the challenging aspects of stonehearth, that being rayya’s children hard mode. I also really liked what I saw with frostfeast this year, and decided to do a frostfeast rayya’s children hard mode- but for whatever reason, I’m on day 17 and the first goblin camp has yet to spawn. I’m not really sure why. My village is in a little secluded valley against the side of the map, and there’s one large entrance that opens up into the desert. That is where the cultists spawned. But no goblin camp. My only thought is that maybe they didn’t want to spawn it too close to the cultists, but since I didn’t have any other explored open desert, it couldn’t spawn? Because due to the mountain range on one side and the map border on the other, I didn’t have much open explored map other than where the cultists spawned.

If I’m missing something, or if anyone knows what the problem is, I would love to know! Hard to run a hard mode challenge with no enemies to fight q.q

And if it is a result of not having enough open unexplored map space, will exploring some of it and provdidng a way to my village fix it?

Thanks for any and all help,


Hey Elivaras,

Frostfeast does not edit the mechanics that spawn the goblin camp, only the contents of the goblin camp.

As long as your net worth is between 3700 and 4000 the game will attempt to spawn the goblin camp. The goblin camp requires a 20 x 20 block of terrain anywhere between 150 and 300 ‘squares’ from your towns territory. If it cannot find a suitable location, it will try again after 3 in game days have passed.

If the camp still doesn’t spawn you will have to continue to expand your territory until it does. I think stockpiles and buildings count as territory at the moment.

The Achernar camp is half the size of the goblin camp, and therefore is easier for the game master service to place.

I hope you find this information useful,



Aha! 3700 to 4000 net worth? That explains it. Thank you very much! I didn’t know that.