Goblin camp (amount of spawns)

I don’t know if any similar topics exist, if so please forgive me and link me this one up!

Now i was wondering if more than 1 goblin camp will spawn per game? Since it’ hasn’t happened to me (yet)…

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I am not 100% if they do at this time but to said he will add it in one of the dev streams if I remember right.

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currently? I’m not sure… eventually? most definitely… or at least other “scenarios” will spawn on the much larger maps we’ll have access to… :+1:


As far as I can tell, only one camp spawns.
I defeated the king early in the game, and now I am playing on peaceful. :frowning:

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same thing for me my friend

Is this issue still active? I dont know if the one trigger is only for the event or if it also for the spawn of a new Camp xD

I have make an own trigger for the next Camp and it works for me since some versions because of this i ask :wink:

what do you mean by I made my own trigger?

because i have only see a trigger for spawn of the chief and the collecting quest i added a trigger wait for next camp - so that after 2 days a new camp spawn ^^

but i dont know if i need this anymore ^^ so it would be good if someone can say that now new camps spawn after the destroy of the first ^^