After killing the Goblin Chief, can we still get a stream of rogue goblins?

I see the Goblin Chief as the main event, but after that, it’s basically peaceful mode, so it would keep things interesting if there was a continued threat of ‘rogue’ goblins wandering around and trying to grab your stuff.

I miss those guys. The game’s not quite as much fun without those little buggers.


it’s planned, just not yet included!

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They must make an new trigger then it should work again… Perhaps i will look later if i can make something

I thought it was already implamented, as the last two games I’ve played does this. I refuse the king, get two kings with clubs, and small parties afterwords continually and that’s with the camp destroyed.


i have checked and there is already an trigger … so it should make an new camp after 2 days? ok it seams that after 2 days a new chief should spawn … so perhaps when you dont destroy the camp?

ok i try it now with an own trigger ^

little question: after the camp destroy it doesnt spawn a new camp? not that i make to much ^^

so if we want to autospawn one we just defeat the goblins, not the camp?

i have rechecked the original trigger after 2 days the chief will spawn again to initate the collection quest until the he was defeated … then the trigger set to finished.

rarity is set to common but i dont know if this will set the campaign to restart? -.-

so if anyone can tell if the camp after the first destroy respawn that would be cool ^^

Agreed! Though I would rather have multiple camps. plus, the camps need to be more randomized! :smile:


Later it will be given more camps :wink: like skeletons etc xD

But my question wasnt answered xD

if you want you can make that it spawn two camps at the same time ^^ also you can change the directions of the building etc. ^^

just goto stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\goblin_war\arcs\trigger\raidcamp\encounters\

ohhh and @sdee i have just seen that in the file stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\goblin_war\arcs\trigger\raidcamp\encounters\steal_from_stockpiles_mission.json was forget to give the thiefs weapons and the thief outfit :wink:


You got more kings and rogues after killing them? Nifty! I’ve got nothing so far, but that doesn’t mean I’m not in for a surprise later.

do you mean me? no i have maked a second trigger so it spawn two camps directly at the start ^^

also i have make a trigger who reactivate the senario but i dont know if i need this … so it would be nice if anyone can say me if a new camp spawn after the destroying of the first or not ^^

edit: ahhh i have my answer from another topic - it looks like they didnt respawn ^^

sooooo if anyone needs a bugfix TADA just paste it in the stonehearth.smod (with winrar or winzip or any packer you like and who works x)

for @sdee i have only make an new trigger wait_for_next_camp and set them after the finish ^^ so after 2 days its spawn a new camp ^^

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at the moment i look to resolve the spawn issue … perhaps i will make it easy and change the spawn coordinates a little bit (like all spawn settings to 5 instead 1 … so they should spawn a little bit more away from the firepit ^^) - i cant change the collusionsettings of the firepit ^^

ok this works - but they will still not attack xD

edit: ok works fine - but there was also an pathfinding issue - after reload it works now very fine ^^

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