[NLA] dudes go missing

The game started fine then I was down to 3 civs only…

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Could you please use this guidelines?
Or perhaps reporting your bug in this forum too?

It’s a strange bug. I know number of settlers vary at the beginning. But if you don’t have any carpenter and when the game started they were more people…
By the way, specify the mods you’re using, too, in case they are somehow related to your problem.

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key part here, as that screen would indicate there may be one or two running… :wink:

Any mod that messes with factions or the population services is prone to cause these issues. If you’re using RP, uploading stonehearth.log and stonehearth_mod_server.log should do the trick.

(I really want to be able to log into the normal log file. :()

I only have the Nihonjin: Avairian’s Japanese Mod. It should just be a re-skin… I started out with 6 dudes and then noticed that some were missing even before I selected the carpenter… It must have been like 5 to 10 mins… not sure what other data is required.

System Information:
What system are you using? Especially for performance/graphics issues, note your OS, CPU, Memory, Graphics Card, and any other details you think might be relevant.

win 7 , core i7 2.93, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 driver 331.82

Can you provide us with the log files? stonehearth.log and stonehearth_mod_server.log, they should both be in your .exe’s directory (the latter might not exist).

just to be sure, it would be best to try running SH again, without any running mods, and see if you experience the same issue after 5-10 minutes…

stonehearth.log (7.6 KB)

ok… I will try again.

Nope, log file looks clean. Odd.

I can’t reproduce it… I started and restarted it 3 times… lets call this a freak bug… I will keep an eye out for this…

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no worries! and please do let us know if the issue resurfaces… :smiley: