Need help with my game

So me and my sister been trying to play the game and every time we make a new save and make our people we pick our world but once it loads up it doesn’t show the flag at all so we can’t even place the flag, and on top of that the game lets you start off with 5 peo but it’s also adding 5 more people from when we make a new save.

I would live if anyone could help us with this issues.

Hello Lucas!

I may not be the best at helping, but something that could aid people to pinpoint your issue could be if you are able to share if you are using any mods. If so, which ones?

And in your Stonehearth-folder there is a file stonhearth.log which will give information if something didn’t load properly.
E.g., Steam versions of Stonehearth are installed in .../Steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth.

Note that this log file is over-written whenever you restart Stonehearth. So for best results, try boot up a new multiplayer game and then look in the file to see if you can spot any Error: or similar clues.

Lastly, this community is not very alive these days. I think for faster help, it could be good to look up the ACE discord server. They seem to be very active there!
Link to ACE discord.