Newest A20 Town Screenshots

Just thought I’d share some pieces of my newest town.

Behold the Dormerrock, the wall and gate to the ancient fortress city of Tirunvirmah. It is said this mighty fortification was carved out of the walls of the valley itself, a masterpiece of dwarven architecture that was gifted to the human kingdom of the Ascendancy in ages long past.

The pastures and farm fields that lie outside the gate, an abundant source of food for the city -

The only buildings in the city so far: the carpenter, mason, and tailor live and work here -

The city’s food storehouse (left) and treasury (right) -

The Hall of Repose (left) and the Hall of the Wilds (right), which house the town’s workers and farmers and those who deal with nature, respectively -

The Hall of Garrison, where the city’s military forces and blacksmith are housed -

Most, if not all, of these pictures will be taken at night, which is when I believe the town looks the best. There’s more to come, sometime in the future!