New scaffolding system problem

It has been a little time since I last built something, it was still Alpha 11. So this is my first time working with Alpha 12.
When I started to use the new building tool I was happily surprised with it. The improvements to the designing were great. The building projects were no longer that translucent and when you set it to be opaque they stayed like that. It was glorious. Not only that, you can now extend rows of blocks over thin air without having to find a nearby surface to “support” them, Happiness!

Then I hit the build button. The first thing I noticed was that the scaffolding system had also been changed. Now the scaffolding is placed around the perimeter of the row you are building, and new sets of scaffolding are placed if said perimeter changes. That is good! it will reduce the need of player placed ladders!

Unfortunately something went wrong when the hearthlings tried to deconstruct the scaffolding. Some of the older parts of it were no longer reachable due to the shape of the construction.

Here is a picture:

This is my second attempt at building this half bridge. This time I built it in two parts trying to avoid the problem. In the first attempt I built it in one go and a full set of scaffolding was left under the arch, the hearthlings no longer being able to reach it. The space under the bridge is not high enough for them to deconstruct it.
In my third attempt I’ll build one row at a time. I hope that will do the trick.

The only fixes I can think for this problem is that the hearthlings deconstruct the old scaffolding as they build or they take into account the final shape of the construction before placing the scaffolding in order to avoid this problem.

Hope this helps!
Have fun, Kyth.


Hey @Kythandra, yeah I can confirm this. They also leave some of scaffolding around after the build is done.

There is a work around to this problem. It is a little tedious. but console “destroy” can help get rid of them.
The only problem is, it waste so much wood. Another Thing for me, about the console command is I don’t like using the console. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same thing here. I prefer to avoid using the console. I’m always scared it is going to cause more errors than the one it is solving…

Another problem I’m encountering is the placement of ladders in inappropiate places that, later, end up embedded in walls… Console seems the way to solve this problem for now until we find another solution. We are going to need to be very carefull while designing.

Have fun, Kyth.

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I think the hearthlings are overdoing it with the scaffolding…

I swear there is a building beneath all those ladders! :joy:

Having fun, Kyth…


I’ve mentioned this to the team as well. One of my more recent attempts with the new system:

Just having this area visible in the screen drops the frame rate to the single digits!


At this point I found myself thinking… “oh, for god’s sake, forget the scaffolding and build the … tower!”

That is when I stopped building… :cry:


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