Excessive scaffolding

I’m not sure if this is the right section, but the issue is related to the current scaffolding system.

The problem is… MASSIVELY excessive scaffolding!!!
Hearthlings often concentrate on building scaffoldings instead of the main constructions. In the current system nearly every block above the ground has to be accessed through scaffolding, which leads to a number of serious issues:

  • hearthlings get stuck trapped inside by scaffolding

  • building parts cannot be built because of inability to build scaffoldings first, EVEN if hearthlings can EASILY go there using other way

  • constructions use significant (sometimes enormous) amounts of wood (a stone wall requiring solely 30 pcs of stone used also nearly 100 pcs of wood for scaffolding!)

  • due to complex scaffolding AI often gets lost interrupting the whole construction process

  • some scaffolding parts stay AFTER the construction has been finished

  • it just looks silly when hearthlings try to build a ladder to build a block that can be accessed in 3 other ways without any scaffolding…

Below you can see 3(!) layers of scaffolding required to build a part of a simple roof…

they love there scaffolting, thats for sure. Ever since i played stonehearth this has been an isue

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I think Stephanie mentioned in one of the last streams that they are aware of this problem, and that Chris is going to work on it (and other building-related bugs) for A17 :slight_smile:

Personally I find tedious the scaffolding removal time. They always take so long, I just want to see the finished building and that they place the remaining windows / doors / decorations. :sweat_smile:


Indeed, removing the scaffolding is a (too) significant part of the whole construction process…

Although I love the idea of scaffolding and the look of it. It’d be perfect if it could only be reduced to the 10% of current amount. That would also solve a nuber of other issues.

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