Double Scaffolding

As I was playing I came across a building bug:

it’s double scaffolding!


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BOOM Mind blown I just thought of something that should be added, here’s a hint.

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Anyways this does not look like a bug i’ve seen the same thing in real life and in the game, double scaffolding is used in real life it’s safer the just single scaffolding.

But in the game, they only have scaffolding on the building, and it’s just one layer


It’s double scaffolding, all the way. What does this mean? It’s so redundant, so solid. Double scaffolding, double scaffolding, it’s so intense! What does this mean? It’s even starting to look like triple scaffolding!


I thing I’ve seen a thread about this before but I couldn’t find it, so I opened a new one.

Hearthlings use a lot of unnecessary scaffolding and ladders, here’s a pic:

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How does the finished building look like?

Perhaps this is caused by the improvements to the building editor, which allow us to make more complex shapes and use slab tool mixed with the other building tools.

Thanks for the confirmation!

I just had the same issue. The villagers won’t tear down the scaffolding nor the ladders (the ladders don’t have the “destroy ladder X”) which means I can’t access the building I designed. :confused: It’s a shame, it would’ve looked really cool when it was finished…

i have found this issue also for a little brick test ^^

i have wondered why the woodcounter doesnt is correct ^^ at all they have used 14 logs instead of 5 ^^ but i have get the most back xD

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This is happening with every building, it seems. My hearthlings always double up on the scaffolding when they get to the roof, but usually end up taking it down before they finish putting it up because the roof finishes before the scaffolding does.

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Summary: Excessive use of scaffolding when building all-slab simulated clay roof

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build clay roof from slabs
  2. Observe Hearthlings fill entire area below roof with scaffolding

Expected Results: Reasonable amount of scaffolding used

Actual Results: Use of over 130 logs to build clay-and-stone structure

Notes: Ultimately all the scaffolding gets taken down (usually), but filling every square under the roof with scaffolding tends to cause some resource scarcity for Rayya’s Children in the desert.


Version Number and Mods in use: 16 (release 556)

System Information: Windows 10 (x64), Intel i5 3.20GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, GTX 960 video card

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@8BitCrab please merge this Double Scaffolding

this happens with all clay roofs^^


That would be why I try and use the roof tool when possible. Due to them wanting to have scaffolding for every single beam in that roof style if done with slabs.

The roofing tool might use less than that, but as Wiese pointed out it will still double up.

I tend to avoid doing too much of those type of slab roofs if can be helped… I do make them myself though… My smith is one of those, as most the other examples are way smaller awning of some kind; while the main building itself I use the actual roofing tool.

So that one just happens to be a problem with the way hearthlings handle floating slab blocks… Even if connected to the ground indirectly. So yes same experience with that.