New Mining Tool... Transparent Selection

Edit: there’s a new mining tool.

My Bad


It was mentioned first thing in the patch notes. Let us know your feedback about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So… is the queued mining as highlighted supposed to be transparent?

Transparent Selection

Not Selected

I found deposits without hollowing out a giant cavern!

That seems to be the usual behavior, it was working like that in the previous version :confused:

Yep, this helps you planning your mining without having to damage all the terrain. So you can follow the ore veins if you want to.

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I finally read the release notes… the transparency is a new behavior. Kind of nerfs the mining process.

more like buffs. i wonder if we can use the build tool in plotted out holes?

I misunderstood your pictures, then, sorry.

This transparency is meant to allow to mine stairs and more complex zones easier, without having to wait for them to finish mining first before dragging a new zone.

I doubt so. This is more like a vision mode, the hole is not mined yet.

To be fair, neither is the potential building you plan out :stuck_out_tongue:
And the option to design in a plotted out hole would be nice (for instance for mine shafts, supports and things. Revolving staircases etc. Basements…

With the new miner you can’t place ladders against the parts that haven’t been mined out yet, unlike in the old miner. I think we can see where that’d create problems.

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Yeah, I reported this before we released but it hasn’t been fixed yet. :sweat_smile:
In the meantime, the only workaround I found was removing the mining zone, placing the ladder, and drawing the mining zone again :disappointed_relieved:


Is there a way to mine single blocks like before?

The new mining tool is resizeable. Hold shift or alt while moving the mouse wheel up/down and you can make it be 1x1x1. The size should stick between uses.

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Just gave it a try and it works pretty good. Thanks.