Keep Ore Veins Hidden

The new mining tool is great, you can plan a very complex mine and mine upwards, but…

The queued mining is transparent and reveals ore without having to swing a pick. So now, instead of digging exploratory tunnels or just strip mining an entire mountain side, I can just select an entire layer and then crop off what I don’t need.

I’d suggest you keep the transparency, but just paint all the still covered tunnel walls a different color or keep it the gray or brown.

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The transparent mining tool was intended by the developers, it was so that you can follow ore veins without having to destroy all of your land and to build stairs without having to do it one by one. So it’s not going anywhere.

I think the ore veins are revealed based on fow / hearthlings nearby, so you probably can’t see any if you just randomly start drawing mining zones all over the map.

It might kill a little the mini game of following the veins one step at a time, so it’s a reasonable suggestion.


I fully agree. It’s not just for ore veins but any other type of future, buried secret as well. Items, ruins, caves, whale bones (as mentioned by Allie and Angelo on a stream recently) and so on.

Veins appear just beyond (~15-20vx) explored areas. I’m gonna investigate if detection is strictly in the horizontal or if there is a vertical cutoff, i.e. does exploration only count on the horizontal coordinates and not the vertical.