Mining tool reverted?

I really liked the mining tool update, it really made me embrace digging underground and carving out civilizations. However, it seems that it has reverted back to the old mining system. Is this a permanent revert? I haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Is it only happening to me? Either way, it really bums me out. Maybe include the option to use the new mining tool or the older one depending on preference.

I honestly loved the new tool, with the exception of it making the terrain completely transparent (instead of just half transparent) and the difficult in erasing the zones (which now is fixed), so I really doesn’t understand the hate it got.
I see both the old, and the new in the menu

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I know, it was worlds easier than the old one, I wish that there was maybe an option for preference, I had a play style I was starting to develop around it and now I have to completely restart. It makes me not want to dig or mine at all again. which is unfortunate because I really was beginning to get the hang of it. Even going away from playing the ascendency and starting to play Reyya’s Children. I was excited to be playing with a new style of gameplay and design. I do understand why they did it, there was lots of negativity around it. Maybe if some of the supporters voiced their support sooner? I definitely had a lot of good things to say about it that I didn’t.

The new mining tool is still there - it’s the 1x1 one. You can resize it up.


REally :smiley:

Oh cool! thanks! I can’t believe I missed that thanks!

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