Description for the mining tool

Several times/games now I get the same thing where I have much mining to do, but after a day or two (game time) they just stop mining. Other professions can be ‘goosed’ along buy giving out more tasks, but mining is a real problem. Removing the mining zones and reinstating has no effect. Kind of makes it so you can’t progress in the current game.

thanks for the feedback! :+1:

keep in mind that in general, the game is still very much in alpha, and mining in particular is a newly added feature… having said that, do you happen to notice a spike in performance (the colored bars in the bottom right on the screen) while your units are focused on mining (or perhaps when idling)?

Fully understand state of game :smile: Just reporting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

RE-applied large mining zone. No one’s mining and the performance bar remains normal (low).

Edit: Well, NOW I feel stupid! Apparently you need regular old workers to build and mine. Just got a new ‘worker’ to my group and off he went mining! Everyone else had been promoted. DOH.


bah, no worries! its a simple enough mistake… :smile:

and perhaps this indicates the need for a description for the mining tool? let the players know who will be tasked with working on the designated mining areas?

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Well, that worked for a little bit. Soon all 3 new workers were standing around with everyone else rocking on their heels. House building and mining stopped…

Closed out the game and restarted. They were all sleepy and dropped where they stood. Woke up so hungry they ate twice. Then, they went back to work mining (not building walls though).

(a random bunny running around also had the little ‘hungry’ drumstick over his head!)

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As much as the posts in this thread look like a [NaB] bug report, I guess we’ll switch the title to avoid losing this tiny suggestion… :confused:

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I have also experienced workers idling all day until they fall asleep, then they wake up and continue work as normal