Workers are idling when theres tasks set

i know this is kind of a dumb question, but did you double check and make sure that they can reach the mining zone?

yes they can considering the mining area you can see is partly mined

Mate, perhaps you see a different screenshot than we do, but i can hardly see anything at all, apart from teh hearthling screen…

alright, would you be able to provide a save for me to check out?

heres da saveness (9.5 MB) have fun

somehow i think placing an extra ladder could fix at least a part of the issue :slight_smile:

Yeah, hearthlings want to mine from top to bottom, i think some extra ladders will do the trick :slight_smile:

they mined most of that without ladders tho but ill give that a shot and let ya know strange tho they carved that like that without ladders it used to be one solid piece

your joking … something in game could have pointed out this

The thing is this: if you set the mining-zone from the side, it will be four blocks high and mined from the side. If you set it from above, it will be 5 blocks deep and mined from above.

they mined most of that from the side tho once i added the ladder they decided hey lets go finish that mining task thats been there for months

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framerate is fine but lua is thru the roof any ideas?

set the game speed to 2 instead of 3 :slight_smile: nights are more difficult too :slight_smile:

trying that isn’t helping its because of the mining task i set but that shouldn’t be causing a problem tasking each individual voxel i wouldn’t think @8BitCrab any ideas i can provice an updated save file

you could always make the mining area smaller if the mining area is the issue

my thought is the game is starting to reach a limit i have 32 hearthings (im an overachever lol) and the games performance is being impacted by having to process so many things at the saame time granted i have a hexicore cpu and 24 gb ram and as you saw by the solid 70 fps (that can hit 200 easy and is over 1k fps on the title screen ) is there a way i can have the lua prioratize whats going on

not sure about prioratizing but damn 32 villagers is damn nice :slight_smile:


as @Doc_Brano said, make smaller mining zones. i haven’t dared to test it, so it actually might not be a problem anymore, but i know in the past that having a mining zone any larger than 20x20 could cause some serious problems, so that’s where i would start.