New Heartling Job: Stock Manager

Once you have everything in chests it is little bit of a hassle to go the the Castle Inventory screen, scroll through it, or look for the chest that holds the items, to see if you still have them in stock or not for items you can not set a ‘Maintain rate’ for like wood and stone.

So a nice and helpful addition would be a Stock Keeper, same level requirements as Worker (none), that will alert you if you have run out of stone or wood ect, and or will also allow a ‘Maintain rate’ for those resources.

It could work like this:

-Without a Stock Keeper all trees and mine areas are chopped and mined as normal.
-With a Stock Keeper trees are chopped and stone/ect is mined until the ‘Maintain rate’ is reached and no other trees are chopped or mine areas are mined even when designated as ‘To harvest or Mine’. Workers will stop chopping and mining.
-An alert when running out of those items stocked and no (new) trees are or mine area is set to be harvested.

“Sir, we have run out of wood (or stone) and no trees or stone is set to be harvested”

But if when Ores are included Workers will still mine stone until they finally reach the desired Ore amount, producing (a lot of) byproducts from mining though to reach the ‘Maintain rate’ of that particular Ore.

A Stock Keeper would further have only the ‘Haul and Job’ setting and Job would be alerting and or assigning Workers and the player to Mine or Chop.



@Cursedth could this not be achieved with UI elements? It could be fun to actually have a hearthling hold the role, but with the current gameplay i would never sacrifice even just one hearthling to this.

It seems that there is several jobs planned for the future and at some point we wont have any workers left? I guess if the performance issues with 20+ hearthlings gets resolved in the future, this would not be such a scary thought in my head :smile: (personally i can easily run a 50 hearthling town, but not all have that available)

Just out of quriosity, how would you go about as a UI solution?




Then I would suggest a ‘Notifications Window’ pop up telling me I have run out of wood or stone (just once) and maybe for ores too.

I don’t really keep track of other resources like Furs and Plant that also don’t have a ‘Maintain Rate’, but they also don’t stop production when it comes to building or more essential item productions*

*On second thought with ‘essential’ I mean when leveling up a Carpenter or Mason, to make a spoon or Blacksmiths hammer. You don’t get an Exclamation mark like you see above buildings when running out of items, so there is actually a ‘no stone or wood notification’, but only when building you can see it.

But not while waiting for your Carpenter, Mason or Blacksmith to craft you items.
Then you have to keep checking your inventory.
Would be nice, better, if your ‘Crafters’ then inform you they have a crafting queue but no resources. Yeah this is where it would come in handy, thanks and good for asking :wink:


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one could suggest that the “king” job mod that came out a while ago could do this since it has no other purpose and it’s the KINGS job to know what’s going on in their kingdom yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes or the goldcount mod with the edition of other resources like wood, stone, ore and so on? I bet the UI solution will be the easiest to implement.

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Although not quite a job, we’re experimenting with having the AI be smarter about choosing which resources to harvest or restock, so that e.g. if you have a lot of crafting recipes queued that use wood but have little wood, hearthlings will prioritize chopping trees slightly higher. Some version of this will probably be included in A23.


(Which also means less loot hanging around)…