New Feature: "Fancy" Image Gallery

Last year I posted about a Automatic Image Galleries - post a bunch of pictures in a post and you can easily navigate between them (yeah no more opening and closing each image!) While this is great, all the images still appear in the post on after another, requiring a lot of scrolling.

Enter Slideshow and Grid galleries. Now you can add multiple images to a post and have them display in a neat slideshow, or automatically arrange into a responsive grid.

To use the new image galleries:

  1. Ensure all images are “large”, and that Discourse creates a lightbox for them. Small images (those that are already displayed full size) do not work.
  2. Upload all your pictures to the composer. Ensure all images are on a single line.
  3. Highlight the image code:
  4. Click on the gallery button of your choice.
  5. A static preview of the selected images will appear in the preview pane.

I’ve included samples of each gallery below.

Slideshow Image Gallery

Grid Gallery


For some reason, the grid does not appear to me. Opening the reply box made it load.

That’s really strange…I wonder if the two galleries are not intended to work in the same post together. Does this grid load for you:

Yes, ti loads. Now reentering the post the first one is ok too.

But when I tested before sending my first message, even reloading the post was not enough, only when I had the reply box extend it would display the grid.

Very strange. I’ll let the developer know…

Looks great to me!


Seems good here for something like mod sample images, and then a list of items. Definitely going to have to find a reason to use these at some point.

Oooh! I bet you could make a simple choose-your-own-adven… okay, I know what I’m doing next.


Both look great.

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This is simply beautiful!



In reply to @CrazyCandy.


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…I’m so screwed.


Hey @jomaxro
I tried using the grid gallery but the images are overlapping. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I can’t figure what. It is in the first post of the canyon mod page: Canyon Biome mod
Do you have any idea why it ended like that?

Hmm…not sure. Will do some testing when I’m back at a computer.

I’ve got nothing…will report this to the theme developer.

My fancy slideshow gallery doesn’t seem to be working on my end in one of my posts, and I’ve lost my patience trying to work that out. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Seems to be working now. Did it just take time to fix itself, or did someone fix my post, or what?

@BrunoSupremo @coastersPaul the theme has been updated, let me know how it’s working now. The “image appearance delay” was due to the theme waiting for all images to load before displaying. Images will now appear as loaded so there isn’t a 10+ second delay.

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Doesn’t seem to work for me. :frowning:
I selected the 3 images stored in my folder, dragged them over the post. I selected the code generated in the post, and clicked on the grid option.
This is how it looks for me:

Only the preview seems to work, although overlapping the following text.

Feel free to edit and perform tests on that post if needed.

Thanks @BrunoSupremo . I’ve confirmed with Joe (the theme developer) that the image galleries only work with “large” images, that is images that have a lightbox created by Discourse. 2 of your 3 images were small enough that no lightbox was created (they were displayed at full size) which doesn’t work for the theme. I doubled the size of both images, but that of course lessened their quality a little bit.

I’ll add a note to the OP about this.

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Uhm, interesting. I will keep that in mind. The reason for their small size was to avoid creating a huge page, but now with this feature there is no problem in getting a full screen image instead. I will later update it all.

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