I made custom Steam Grid pictures for Stonehearth! Enjoy!


Here is a link to the folder :slight_smile: I hope you guys enjoy!

Please check out my YouTube channel and website in the read me file, that’s all I ask :)!

Let me know what you guys think!


Stonehearth Steam grid icons

awesome! … … pardon my ignorance, but “Steam grid pictures”?


When you layout your Steam library in Grid format, there are pictures for each game, they are a certain size ratio so people make their own steam grid pictures

You can check out the subreddit:



Bump :slight_smile: Hope people will enjoy these :slight_smile:


all the pictiures i dit see when i prest the first link was just FANtastic.
or allmost all of them, that read me was not that beautiful


uh…? what?


there were a pictiure called instructions & Read Me tht was not so pretty as all thi others


Bro that’s an instructions file… not a picture. If you click on it you’ll see that.


props for adequate usage of the term “bro”…

but let’s remember to be kind to our brethren who may not use English as their native language… there may have been a bit of confusion on his end when scanning the folder… :wink:


Or it was a… joke :wink:


I posted that after just waking up so maybe I missed the joke xD?



I just added my Stonehearth Steam key and installed it, though I missed a nice picture for the grid-view, so I made a few. Feel free to use them;










Edit: Added more images


Some other ones here:


When I open the link it says the Google Drive folder is empty?

Sorry derping around with this edit stuff sometimes I can really mess this up haha


Well that sucks. And after I went digging through all the old threads to find it :frowning: .


haha that sucks indeed


Added some more images


welcome aboard @Exuraz… :smile:

nice work on the icons! :+1:


Sorry for making a new topic btw, didn’t think of looking for an existing one.


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