New Classes, Research, and Champions

Hey Stonehearth Community,

I’m new to the community and play, but have been watching the games development for a while and love it. So, since starting to play the game, I have been thinking about it a lot and what extra aspect would be really cool. Thus, in sharing my thoughts and hoping not to say what may have already been said, here I go.

In playing the game, I have found that the access to items has been quite easy to come by, in that it only take a little extra work in producing items to level up your hearthlings. Which is great when you are starting out, however as the game goes on there is less excitement.

Therefore, I was thinking that new 2nd tier class job that branched off the Herbalist, called the Inquisitor, could play an interesting role in late game development.
The Inquisitor’s would unlock a research tree and spend their time investigating items in the world, as well as building a few, such as bookshelves and a like. In investigating the world around them, they would earn research points that could be used to unlock new items and another tier of classes. On top of that, to make it even more interesting, the research tree could go in two different directions, Science/Technology and Nature/Magic, depending on where points are spent. Thus influencing what can be unlocked and how the world changes. This would add to the gameplay when multiplayer is added since trading research unique items would add to the experience.

Now, I did already see that there are plans for a 3rd tier of classes, and maybe it could be a 4rd, but I was thinking that there could be a champion classes set. Where you would only be able to have one hearthling of that class, depending on your research line. For example, in the fighting line, there could be a Commander and Marksman champion. By choosing the Science Research track Commander, it would get a buff for open field combat and others would be able to take more hits. The Nature Research track Commander would get a buff for combat in forests and make others harder to hit.

There is a long list of thoughts and ideas I have, and without rambling on, I’m interested to hear what the community thinks.