Net worth balance

A few patches ago I would have my carpenter build mean beds and shields to sell to increase the gold worth of my village so I could get new hearthlings. But with the two most recent patches I’ve had over 3,000 gold and a village worth of less than 1,000 gold. Do the two numbers not correlate?

the net worth or “gold worth” is not actually how much gold you have, its how much your village is worth on a whole, im not even sure if gold affects this number at all.

resources, like wood, stone, ore’s, etc raise the net worth of your town.


The easiest way to increase your net worth is to build, even roads give a good amount of net worth


i did not know this… i feel like a fool now

I should probably know this, but not having a computer that runs Stonehearth I’m unsure. How does net worth affect gameplay positively?

Every morning you get a “Daily Report” and if your net worth, morale and food stores are high enough you get a new hearthling. Every time you get a new hearthling it increases how much you need for the next one.


other than what @MacFett said, it makes you happy to see that you have a net worth of 130,000 :wink:


Does having wall hangings, rugs & curtains increase net worth?


I had a town worth over $1,000,000 at one point in A9 I think. I’ve barely gotten above $10k since A10 came out… it just makes me feel poor since the update :frowning:

heh, well i once had one that was over 500,000 because i found about 7 gold veins, but ive never got a higher amount then that.

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@MacFett I do think so.

When alpha 9 was in the latest branch stockpile resources gave a lot of net worth. But now it doesnt give as much.
I always gather resources and shape the surroundings before i start to build.
And since we now get a daily report on our net worth you can really see how the devs balance the game and what changes they have made


We’ve changed the net worth equations a lot, and will continue to tweak them in the future. Let us know how they feel to you! :slight_smile:

Mostly, in this release, we wanted to tweak them down in the early game, since that way, we won’t have to go into scientific notation in the late game.


Chests of Gold Coins should count towards Net Worth because each coin is still worth at least 1 gold. In real life they take into account both liquid (cash) and assets (properties) when determining Net Worth, so why should this be any different. Otherwise you have to spend money on useless stuff to keep growing just to have for the Daily instead of having a horde of gold that could be stolen.

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I agree that chest of coins should count towards your net worth. Maybe instead the sell value of some items could be tweaked. Such as shield selling for 70g and mean bed for 30g while a gold bar sells for 30g and gold ore sells for 10g.

I built a town in a mountain and had a hard time getting more people because my networth barely moved. I sold loads of stuff and had thousands in coin but my net worth was still significantly lower than my coin on hand. Since I was not building physical things, but rather digging out holes to live in, then my ability to get my net worth up was just not there. I was kind of bummed to see that.

How am I supposed to build a dwarven empire?!?!

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Tweaks need to happen, I get it. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially in Alpha. However, could you perhaps tell us some of how it works (without digging in the LUA, since I can’t decompile it for some reason)?


  1. Does putting goods (wood, food, etc.) into stockpiles increase your net worth? If so, does it change your net worth directly (crafting a good worth 10 gold adds 10 to your net worth), arithmetically (crafting a good worth 10 gold adds 10% of its value to your net worth), or some other way?
  2. Does crafting goods affect your net worth? (same questions as above)
  3. Building changes your net worth, is there anything stopping me from building a massive parking lot (slab) to artificially inflate my worth?
  4. Does defeating enemies increase your net worth? What about looting the goblin camp (beyond just “more stuff in stockpile”)?

Sure! Everything you put in your stockpile increases your net worth. Everything you craft and place increases your net worth. Everything you build (though, at the moment, not everything you mine) increases your net worth.

An item’s worth is determined in it’s .json file. This number is used to calculate it’s net worth, and how much it sells for in stores, etc.

Edit: On my machine, gold counts toward your net worth. That change should make it in whenever we next have a build.

Edit 2: Our goal is to tweak net worth such that you gain an optimum amount while playing the game as intended. If you want to make a giant slab you can do that, but you’ll probably get more net worth from making multiple discrete buildings.


cant wait for that :smile:

[quote=“sdee, post:17, topic:12103”]
Our goal is to tweak net worth such that you gain an optimum amount while playing the game as intended. If you want to make a giant slab you can do that, but you’ll probably get more net worth from making multiple discrete buildings.
[/quote]that makes sense, considering it is a city builder :wink:

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Thanks for the answers, @sdee! It does seem odd to me that gold doesn’t count, but I’m glad that’s getting fixed.