Increase Net Worth Requirements

Inflation must be out of control. I can always reach 50 hearthlings before getting anywhere near enough homes, roads, etc for them. It always looks more like a farmstead for 10 people, if that. I can complete the township quest with what looks like a camp. One time, i decided to build a castle instead of a town, and I had a net worth of 10k before I even finished the first gatehouse. I would recommend increasing the net worth requirements by 10x so getting all 50 hearthlings is actually a challenge/takes more than 30 mins. For those who don’t want it to take so long, there could be a slider/multiplier in the setting’s gameplay tab.

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Well i imagine eventually there will be more than 50 hearthling limit and full sized cities… its just not optimized for that yet.

I like the early game requirements, but I agree late game could use some tuning

I think the problem is locking it solely on your money amount. Thankfully with the new designers we get new and interesting ways (maybe even more challenging) of earning more citizens.