How things work - net worth


I have tried looking for a similar topic, but didn’t find one. Feel free to just direct me somewhere, because the last time I had tried to find something I only discovered a chicken :baby_chick: Woah! It’s still following me! Shoo!

How exactly does the game calculate net worth? I mean, if I took a building and looked at its cost, would I be able to calculate the number myself?


i know it takes your own gold into acount, and at least all the items in your building.

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Please keep in mind that post was from '15 so some of that may have changed.

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I do know that raw resources, such as logs and ores, do not count towards worth. And one big building should count more than a bunch of small ones.

does anyone know where this .json file is and what its full name is? i would like to look at it.

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