Items to increase net worth

how about some craftable items used to increase net worth. it could be a statue or something that you place down to increase net worth significantly or just haveing lots of a craftable item that is used purely to increase net worth. but I would think that this item would be a level 6 crafting item. I want this because I like to build only a few very large buildings. but the larger the building the less net worth per block you get.

gold ingot increases net worth as do any buildings you build

the point of this is so I don’t have to build more buildings.

whats wrong with more buildings?

extra buildings haveing no purpose other than to increase net worth and take up space.

well arent you just a big bag of uncreative and no fun.

what about that is “uncreative and no fun”?

the buildings I build are huge so that doesn’t leave much room for more buildings.

never mind ima go now

To be honest, some of this may happen, but not all. lil items will most like not increase net worth. But statues will when and if they ever come. Also sell items for gold always increase net worth. Some metal bars also increase it ie: gold and silver

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Why not just build statues? Like make them out of stone or somthing?

I can see this being a problem, i personally make medium sized buildings with multiple levels, and since bigger buildings, while having more space, has less wall/block per space, which could lead to such problems

Furnishing the buildings help a lot, placed furniture are valued more in the net-worth

Interior walls can help by increasing the block count and seperate the building nicely for more furnishing

The dilema here would be, ‘if you have such an item, why build at-all?’ Since Hearthlings don’t know if they’re in a room or a cave, for now, it really does make it silly to have more buildings

Having buildings tie to net-worth forces the player to expand the city further, taking up more and more space and getting harder to manage, which i think is a good thing, it’s good progression in difficulty and scale


Craftable items to increase net worth? What’s wrong with the current all of them?

I think craftable items wouldn’t work so well as a net worth feature. Partly because they often come and go so fast, but more because, if crafted for sale purposes or as excess, then that’s what they’re for. They’re in the market, but not quite a net worth factor until they’re sold. It’d more become a feature of what your town/nation produces for sale without a set regulated amount of produce, while the net worth is more the consistent state of what your settlement would value at if (theoretically) your entire settlement were sold to a (very rich) buyer. The owner of said settlement (you) already owning X amount of coin, potentially raising the value by showing your not ‘too’ desperate to sell the place because you’re already well off as it is.

^Such is one possible way of looking at it.

Another is that the net worth is more of a habitability renown system(which to me is most accurate, considering the settlers joining your town based on town worth, food and morale feature), and while trade could be a factor, the overall living situation and static coin wealth of a town would speak for more than the mere production of selling goods. The sale goods are a means to an end. A theoretical way to look at it could be; A ramshackle town that’s produced 5000 doors and possesses 2000 empty crates but refuses to sell them is pretty, well… Worthless. But selling them adds value, since coinage can be used to supply the villagers with needs/necessities or materials for expansion.