Refined materials don't contribute to net worth; refined materials are not in "refined"category

Currently every raw material, such as wood logs, hunks o’ stone, clay, etc don’t contribute to the town’s net worth, which is fine.

However, not only these, but refined materials, such as thread, ingots, cloth, leather and others don’t contribute either, which is not fine! Our Hearthlings worked hard to create these items, and as such, they should be considered “values”.

Bonus: In the inventory window, there is a “refined” category, but of the many refined materials, only leather and thread are added to that category, cloth, ingots and others are not, as seen in the screenshot below.


I am not sure if this is intentional or not…maybe @yshan can confirm?

Currently, it is intentional that all resources are not added to net worth, even refined ones, as they are just intermediate crafting materials and not fully crafted items. It is a bug that some items are listed in the refined category. Will fix.


Is there any specific reason why they don’t contribute to the net worth? It doesn’t seem to make much sense, and as far as I can see things, everything that the hearthlings “had work with” should be considered “values”.

Though, in a way it makes sense that the actual raw materials don’t contribute, as they can be easily amassed in great numbers to make it easier to boost net worth early-game; refined materials on the other hand can’t be made in great numbers with ease, as the crafters have to spend their time that they could’ve used to create something else.