Building net worth fix

currently, the most efficient way to get the most net worth out of your buildings is to make each block it’s own building. so if I build 64 1x1x1 blocks I will get 128 net worth(that’s 2 net worth per block) but if I place a 1x8x8 (=64) square I only get 30 net worth (that’s 0.46875 net worth per block). and a 1x16x16(=256) square will only get you 79 net worth (that’s 0.3085 net worth per block). if I build an 8x8x8(=512) cube I get 128 net worth (that’s 0.25 net worth per block).

I like building only a few large buildings but in order to get more net worth, I will have to build lots of small buildings or build my buildings one block at a time and have a building that’s made of thousands of 1x1x1 buildings. and if I have a building made of a bunch of 1x1x1 buildings to destroy it I have to destroy one block at a time.

I think net worth should be calculated by each block haveing a fixed value so it wouldn’t matter if you have 1000 1x1x1 buildings in the shape of a house or a house made of 1000 blocks.


most of the networth of a building comes from the things added onto the building like windows, doors, etc.

that may be true but that’s not the point.

I honestly think anything larger than what we have would make the game almost to easy. The only way I think something like this would work is if it took a lot of resources to make it actually worth bumping up the net worth that much. as it stands I am able to get to 25-30 hearthlings without even building anything other than some stairs and walls with doors.

The point is that a unit of resource builds more than a block of building. For instance, a single block built as its own building will cost 1 stone, but a 3x3x3 slab will also cost 1 stone. Only past a certain size do simple slabs or walls start to consume additional resource units. It’s perfectly logical then that spamming lots of single-block constructions adds a lot of net worth, because it consumes a much larger amount of raw material. And raw material never adds to your net worth until it is converted into something.

Like, who knows, maybe net worth is even directly calculated off of the resources that go into the building.

To fix this, I set my prefabs in sections, I don’t get 2 net worth per block, but my 15000 block wall is worth about 8k Orr so

I don’t think it’s calculated on resources because I made a 1x100x100(=10,000) it cost 167 wood and it was worth 1025 (0.1025 per block). then I made a 2x100x100(=20,000) it cost 334 wood and it was worth 1665 (0.08325 per block).

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