[new_builder] networth of new builder

Hi everyone.

It seems when you load your game the buildings wich are built with the newBuilder are not count in the net worth.
I built a tavern, i saw the net worth (1905) and i reload my game and the networth of this building disappear.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build with the new builder.
  2. look your networth
  3. save your game
  4. load it and look your networth

Expected Results:
Same networth after loading a game
Actual Results:
All the networth of my buildings (new builder) disapear.

[EDIT] I made a test with a new save from scratch and the bug is here too (see the following pictures)

Before load

After load

Version Number and Mods in use:
mods :

  • autoharvest mods
  • settlement decor
  • stonehearth cafe
  • canyon biome (but i am playing with the ascendy kingdom, in the forest biome)
    System Information:
  • windows 10
  • 8 GO ram
  • GPU nvidia geforce 840M
  • intel i7

EDIT : Buildings of old builder are working well (even when I load the game)


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