Need Your Opinion

I need your opinion for a trailer ive made long time ago. I want to made a new one after the first version of stonehearth is released.

I need tips what i should make better next time and what is good as it is.


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well, it was certainly an epic track you used … where was it from?

im not sure the text overlays worked for me… but i like where the video is headed! :smile:

haha yes i searched so long to find such a good track. I dont know exactly what it was i try to find it out next time ^^
So next time i try to replace the overlays with something other :smiley: But what exactly do you mean with where the video is headed ^^

Thanks for your opinion!

ahh, well make sure you have the necessary permissions to use music in your videos, especially if they are monetized… :wink:

just that i think you’re headed in the right direction! :+1:

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In the end you should of instead made it stone hearth not epic

First, speak english, and please write your honest opinion ^^

It was my honest opinion it is actually really good and its even better that you’ve put loads of effort into it (as i would not actually be able to do a trailer)

okey , nice to hear ;D

The whole video should have been done in Cyrillic. Phooey to English, who even uses that now a days anyways?

First of all, great trailer. I like it a lot. But it could use improvements.

-Use a different font. Papyrus is not the best to use for a blocky game. [Blambot][1] has some great fonts, and many are free. They designed the original Stonehearth logo font.

  • Don’t use the term “different”. Use words like “unique”, or “many types of”, or something like that.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything I would change. I hope to see what you make next! :slight_smile:

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I guessing papyrus was the font ? it didn’t look right to me, not stone hearthy enough for my taste. Loved the song choice however and the video its self was quite good.

Edit: I should read other ppls posts more thoroughly

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Thanks to you all !!! @Dwalus @Amlin @LordNevs

Yes the font is pretty much, hmm, s*** :smiley: “different” is bad,too. I will change this in the next video. After the Alpha 1 is released, i make a new video and conside your tips.

mod edit: watch the language, please

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Oh sry for the bad language :smiley: i thought when i say it to myself it’s not so bad :smiley:

Now I can tell my mom that I learned a new word today!

Epic ! We learn all day until we terribly die

…wait, what?

I’m scared now.

:smiley: haha just kidding

I don’t believe you. I won’t stop hiding under my desk until you prove otherwise.

Hmmm that’s sad :frowning: how can you type under your desk O.O

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Honest opinion, ideas, randomness:…

-I liked the use of the drawings with the videos in the corner
-You could have possibly used a couple of those rotating qubicle models–there’s a lot lying around for download i believe–and you could fade between them to like a final backdrop of them in action (one of those fight scenes, builders chopping down a tree etc). Might just give a bit of a cooler spin. pun intended.

-i thought you did an amazing job syncing up the music to the videos personally. It fit. I’ve seen some professional videos who just suck at it when they try to match music to film. so props to you

-I think that a music change would probably be in the favor of the video because it was a little too epic. I know that sounds weird but the thing is the games appearance is very lighthearted. Compare this to minecraft–and i do not mean in functionality or design–but in it’s appeal. In most, if not all, videos they use very lighthearted music. I don’t mean it has to be all daisies and such but it’s important to for the song to fit the theme. On the music note as well make sure you have the rights to the song because then you’re handwork can all be for naught.

-a couple other quick notes: don’t hide away big events like the boss fight in a small side image. maybe making it expand or something but people like big scary things, so make them big and scary
and this last one may just be a personal preference more than anything. But something I’ve found effective in trailers is either Starting big and finishing small, or starting small and finishing big. By that I mean you can jump right into the fighting but end on a personal note (such as like two of the qubicles holding hands which you could probably implement by putting a girl and a boy together in the graphics test and a good slanted camera angle but thats just one idea). starting small and ending big is just the reverse.

Okayyyy that was extremely long but it’s my constructive criticism and honest opinion to give haha